Salman Khan Valentine Day plans

As the Valentine’s Day approaches, the plans of the big stars of this special day start making the news.

And if the plans of none other than Salman Khan become public, nothing can be more interesting.  This year Salman Khan has no reason to feel lonely on Valentine's Day. Bollywood's most eligible bachelor boy Salman provoked the media to ask him personal questions at the launch of the first look of O TERI in Mumbai and he mischievously hinted that he will have O TERI heroine Sarah Jane Dias with him on Valentine's day. He calls her Baby Jane and it is a name which only he will call her by, he warned.

The expected question coming to everybody’s mind is: Is she his new infatuation? No one knows, maybe or maybe not. Only Sallu Bhai can answer that. Salman Khan, who was at the first look launch to promote the film produced by brother in law Atul Agnihotri chose not to speak more. The statement was either a publicity stunt, or may be Salman has at last found his love. The real picture will emerge only on the Valentine’s Day.
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