Is Ranbir Kapoor ashamed of himself at KJo's party?

We have often heard it on silver screen ‘kaha mooh kala karke aaya hai‘, ‘main kisi ko mooh dikhaane ne layak nahi raha‘

Ranbir Kapoor was either experiencing one of these moments or then the actor really had something to hide from the paparazzi. The Kapoor lad recently partied at Karan Johar’s house along with his close pal Ayan Mukherji. But the actor hid his face behind an iPad and avoided getting clicked. Did something happen at the party, we wonder

Looks like Ranbir Kapoor is still reeling under the shock of Besharam’s failure at the box office and all the hoopla around his on-off relationship with alleged girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Or Else why would RK hide his face in front of the paparazzi, hai na? Too late Ranboo. This action from Kapoor Jr seemed even more strange coz his alleged ladylove was not with him. So the possibility of him being worried about getting snapped with Kat is out of question here. Maybe Ranboo was hiding his look from the next film Bombay Velvet, you would think. But if that was the case then he wouldn’t have turned up at the IPL 7 auction. So why was exactly Ranbir hiding his face. Is he ashamed of the way he has been behaving with the mediawallas off late? Remember not so long ago the Jagga Jasoos star had a tiff with a photographer and took away his camera. Could be, but then he can’t hide his face every time he steps out of a party, no?

Lagta hai something happened at the party which Ranbir shouldn’t have done and isiliye mooh chupana pada. Since Ms Kaif wasn’t around, maybe RK got naughty at the party who knows. We are just exploring every angle to this story coz its fun. But we really dunno the answer to Ranbir’s ‘main kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahi raha’ gesture. Well, at least that’s the best caption we can think of in our filmi minds.
Is Ranbir Kapoor ashamed of himself at KJo's party? Is Ranbir Kapoor ashamed of himself at KJo's party? Reviewed by Zoe on 7:12 AM Rating: 5

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