Beef Ban angers Rishi Kapoor

According to a new rule, the consumption, usage and selling of beef has been banned in the state of Maharashtra. Many Bollywood celebrities had expressed their opinion about the beef ban as the ban would affect them as Bollywood is based in Mumbai which is a part of Maharashra.

No one had openly supported the ban and there were many who expressed their opposition to the ban. There has been another Bolywood star who has come out with his resentment against the beef ban.

Rishi Kappor shared about it through a tweet, ‘I am angry. Why do you equate food with religion?? I am a beef eating Hindu. Does that mean I am less God fearing then a non eater? Think!!’

He shared another tweet, ‘By the way I love my Pork Chops too like a lot of my muslim friends who have a likewise thinking Laugh when you equate food with religion.’

It is good to see some actors coming out with a firm opinion about something rather than being diplomatic and worrying about political parties.
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