Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor is very loyal and emotional!

All eyes are on Bollywood’s sweethearts waiting for them to make an official announcement about their relationship.

The declaration of their love may still take a while but in the mean time Kat is letting the world know what a gem her boyfriend is…

Katrina Kaif may not be super vocal about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but whenever she does talk about RK her quotes are dipped in sugar! At the India Today Conclave, Kat opened up about her relationship with RK and the Kapoor family saying that Neetu Kapoor is a stunning lady while Rishi Kapoor is a darling.

During an interview with an entertainment portal abroad, Kat was all praises for her boyfriend. She said, “Ranbir is like me, in the way that he is very loyal and emotional to the people he really cares about in his inner circle, which is very small. He can come out very detached to people outside of that. The only difference between his behaviour and my behaviour, let’s say on a film set, is that while he is incredibly charming and polite with everyone that he comes in contact with, I don’t think he yet realises what an important and amazing trait that is, I will get tired after saying a good morning to just three people.”

Ranbir and Katrina are a perfect fit and we just hope that the couple tie the knot soon! What are your thoughts on this?
Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor is very loyal and emotional! Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor is very loyal and emotional! Reviewed by Zoe on 12:48 PM Rating: 5

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