If not an actress, Sonakshi Sinha would definitely have been an artist!

The Akira actress has some insane artistic skills which always blow our minds!

Sonakshi Sinha is on hell of an actress. But is the complete package too! Why do we say so? Well, because Jr Shotgun is quite an awesome person. She is super pretty, she is talented, she knows her craft, she is witty AF and she is great at shutting down haters. But apart from all that there is one more quality in Sona that sets her apart from the rest. We are talking about her artsy side. Sonakshi loves to draw sketches in her spare time and even though she calls it “doodling” it doesn’t mean that her sketches are not a work of art.

We totally think that had she not been an actress, she could have totally been a successful artist because she definitely has the flair for it. She recently instagrammed one of her doodles that she made on set between shots and she captioned it as “#doodle #chickclique #shootshenanigans #lefty#pencilsketch #art #bored”

This ain’t the first time Sona has shared her art with her fans on social media. In the past she has posted pictures of her doodles and has always got a lot of loving for her artistic skills. Sona honed her sketching skills because she aspired to become a fashion designer before becoming an actress. That is why putting a pencil to paper and sketching out brilliant art comes easily to her.

But the Akira actress is not equally fond of painting. She even spoke about it at an art exhibition last year saying, “‘Actually, I like charcoal sketching a lot, but I don’t fancy painting much. And even in sketching, I have forgotten quite a bit of it. But I’m sure Neeraj Sir will give me a few tips and tricks, so that I’m good at it again”

Sonakshi played the artistically-inclined Pakhi in Lootera and while shooting for the film she indulged in some sketching! No points for guessing that being interested in arts in the film wasn’t acting for Jr Shotgun as she must have played out her genuine interest in arts while filming for Lootera.
If not an actress, Sonakshi Sinha would definitely have been an artist! If not an actress, Sonakshi Sinha would definitely have been an artist! Reviewed by Zoe on 11:24 AM Rating: 5

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