why Gautam Gulati reminds us of Johnny Bravo!

Gulati and Bravo are strikingly similar. Read my reasons and I bet you will agree with me!
I drew upon some pictures of Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati recently and a voice inside my head said, “He is a lot like someone I know, but who?” After a few minutes of pondering, bam, it struck me, that the hunk is exactly like the popular American animated character Johnny Bravo! Here are 3 reasons why I say so:

Sola ka dolla, chialis ki chaati

One very evident physical trait about Johnny Bravo is his beefed up body. The character has a ‘sola ka dolla and chialis ki chaati’ in Yo Yo Honey Singh’s words. Well our very own Gautam is popular in that department and how! We are well aware of the hunk’s drool worthy abs, thanks to the obsessive need he had of flaunting them by being shirtless, practically most of the time, during Bigg Boss season 8.

Scent of women

Apart from his knockout body, Johnny is known for his flirtatious ways with the ladies. The popular animated character is often seeing trying his luck with any and every girl in his territory. Hmm, does his ring a bell? One can’t forget the sweet nothings which Gautam whispered in Diandra Soares and Sonali Raut’s ears during Bigg Boss 8. Where his escapades to the washroom with Diandra became a talking point, his camaraderie with Sonali caught everyone’s attention as well.

Me, myself and I

Johnny may be giving the ladies all his lovin’ but it’s himself he loves the most. The character is known for his narcissistic ways and is very much bothered about the same, most of the time. A similar trait was observed in Gautam in Bigg Boss 8, who I wouldn’t say was self obsessed as such, but was clearly extremely particular about the way he looked! Don’t believe me? Watch all the episodes again and count the number of times Mr Gulati looked at himself in the mirror to fix his hair! Isn’t it a very ‘Johnny Bravo’ thing to do?
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