Is Kapil Sharma replace on Comedy Nights with Kapil!

Just when news of Comedy Nights with Kapil going off air started doing the rounds, fans started pouring in on Twitter, sending hate messages to Colors' CEO Raj Nayak. So much that #ShameOnRajNayak started trending. Nevertheless, however harsh and ruthless it may sound, Kapil's CNWK is indeed coming to an end. Or is it not?

Well, there's a nice twist in the tale now. Initially, we heard that the show is going off air completely due to creative differences between the channel and Kapil. Then we heard that Kapil is upset with the makers for giving more leverage to Comedy Nights Bachao and as a result of which he has now decided to move his show to a different channel. But the latest we had heard was Colors had taken a strict call on the show after Kapil's high handed attitude upseted them.

We don't know which story to believe but the truth stands. The show might not have a staggering end. But hang on... Kapil won't be seen on the show anymore. Confused? Well according to latest development, Krushna Abhishek might be replacing Kapil on the show and have a Comedy Nights of his own.

The channel are in talks with the comedian who's already raking up huge TRPs with his stellar act on CNB anyway. Will Krushna take it up? His WhatsApp status reads: "I have my comedy nights." Now this is a great hint for sure. If this happens, Kapil will be left infuriated because in any case, the show will continue running, albeit without him. So the loss will anyway be his!

But hey, even if Krushna accepts the offer, CNWK will still be CNWK! Comedy Nights with Krushna.
Is Kapil Sharma replace on Comedy Nights with Kapil! Is Kapil Sharma replace on Comedy Nights with Kapil! Reviewed by Zoe on 9:05 AM Rating: 5

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