Kamaal R Khan threatens to beat Sidharth Malhotra

Few days back, once the Vogue photo-shoot featuring Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt started doing the rounds, Kamal R Khan aka KRK wrote a very demeaning tweet, disrespecting Alia. While the actress stayed silent, boyfriend Sid didn’t take matters lightly and he lambasted the controversial critic on the social network.

Soon, a war of words followed and there was no stopping the two. Recently, in an interview when Sidharth was asked about the incident, he shamed KRK. In response to his comments, KRK told a leading daily, “Sidharth is a non-entity. Uski itni badi aukat nahin hai ki KRK usko pictures bheje. He’s on my contact list and I may have sent my film reviews to him, but nothing else. And I dare him to show any picture sent by me. It would certainly be there in his chat history. He was miffed because I made a comment on Alia Bhatt’s picture in a bikini. Since Alia is like a daughter to me, I just said that she was looking childish in a bikini and she must not wear it. That bugged Sidharth. I know people do get carried away in love. But, one must not go mad.”

Adding on to this, he also claimed that he would beat Sid black and blue. ” I have 13 business ventures and I can hire 15 managers like Sidharth Malhotra. I can assure you after three movies, Sidharth will become like Jimmy Shergill. I kept quiet till now because I respect and adore his mentor Karan Johar. But I’m so angry with Sidharth’s silly comments that I have sent a message to KJO and told him that I will beat his protege black and blue if he rubs me the wrong way one more time.”

Wonder what KJo had to say to this. But KRK, you should seriously stop writing such crap right-away. Known for his cheap and derogatory remarks to heroines, KRK has been slammed time and again by most Bollywood celebrities. But there seems to be no change in his behaviour!
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