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January 26, 2011

Grand reception for Neelam-Sameer

Neelam Kothari and Samir Soni have tied the knot, but the couple didn't send out formal wedding cards to the guests, instead invited them through SMS.

'We didn't get any wedding cards printed...thank god! We had no time to get cards done. Initially we planned to invite only 35 people - that list finally went up to 200. We just SMSed all our close friends. Everyone who mattered to us was at the wedding,' said Neelam, who got married on Jan 23.

Neelam and Samir's friends who attended the wedding included the entire Kapoor family - Jeetendra, Shobha, Ekta and Tusshar. Also present were Karisma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Suri, Sophie Chowdhary and Rahul Roy.

The turn-out was a hundred percent though there was no formal invitation.

'The whole process of getting the cards printed, then addressing them and couriering them is so cumbersome. We were spared that,' said Neelam, 42, who was one of the sought after actresses in the 1980s.

She featured in movies like 'Ilzaam', 'Love 86', 'Khudgarz', 'Hatya', 'Aag Hi Aag' and even teamed up with Aamir Khan in 'Afsana Pyaar Ka'.

Feeling married to Samir is no different for Neelam than what they shared before.

'We waited a long time to get married. He came with his baggage. I had mine. While we sorted these issues out, we got a chance to know one another even better. So I guess the most radical change after marriage is that I shift from my own home in Khar to Samir's place in Seven Bungalows,' said the actress who now works as a jewllery designer.

To the couple's delight, the auspicious moment for the 'saat pheras' coincided with the sunset by the poolside at the Taj Lands End.

Neelam and Samir are not planning honeymoon right now.

'The honeymoon has to be put off because she has her work and I've mine to take care of. But we're off to Shirdi day after tomorrow (Jan 26) to seek the god's blessings. We feel in marriage we've reached at a natural and inevitable culmination to our relationship,' said Samir who has been active on both small screen and movies.

The 42-year-old recently featured in the reality show 'Bigg Boss' and the movie 'I Hate Luv Storys'.

Both have been married earlier.

Your Opinion…

Who looks stunning in a short dress: Deepika or Sonakshi???

Kat gets back to shape…

While shooting for Tees Maar Khan, Katrina Kaif went from being voluptuous to size zero. Now that the movie is over and almost forgotten, the actress is piling on the pounds to maintain continuity for Yash Raj film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Kats has been asked to put on some more weight so her character in the upcoming film would look fuller. The result is visible as she doesn’t look skinny anymore.

A source reveals, “To lose weight for her role in Tees Maar Khan, Kaif literally stopped eating and was on a very strict all-broccoli diet. After the film’s release, she’s slowly resuming her regular diet of carbs and proteins.”

However, Katrina maintains she hasn’t had to change her eating habits. “I am not on any special diet. My weight has been the same since Tees Maar Khan.”

‘SRK used to call me sir' : Sallu

Shahrukh used to call me sir, sir during his struggling days’: Salman Khan

Salman debuted in “Maine Pyaar Kiya” in the year 1988 and Shah Rukh made his debut with “Deewana” in 1992. Ever since then they called each other ‘brothers’.

And after more than a decade Salman states “SRK and I can never be friends”. To this King Khan added “Salman and I don’t talk, which is absolutely right”.

The two worked together in films like “Karan Arjun”, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega”, and “Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam”.

It was in 2008 that the two had a fight on Katrina’s birthday bash. In an interview Salman stated “Shah Rukh was like my brother. He used to call me sir, sir during his struggling days.”

“I have seen SRK go from door to door asking for work. He has become a different person now.”

He added “Only God can come and make us friends again, and that is not happening.” In Karan’s chat show “Koffee With Karan”, King Khan stated “If Salman is angry with me, it is 100% my fault.”

To this Salman replied that King Khan’s apology was for TRPs. Numerous online communities are appealing the two to mend ways and hope they come together in real life.

SRK gets chappals as a gift ...

SRK gets chappals as a gift from Pakistan…

A Pakistani cousin of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan wants to gift the actor a pair of slippers.

Noor Jehan, who is the daughter of Shah Rukh’s paternal uncle, is eager to meet the star after a long gap of 13 years. If she indeed meets SRK, she’s got a special gift for him: a pair of chappals.

Why chappals, of all things in the world. Noor Jehan reveals it’s only on SRK’s request.

“During an earlier visit to Peshawar, Shah Rukh bought a pair of chappals that he used for about seven years,” Noor Jehan is quoted as saying. The longevity of the footwear apparently prompted SRK to ask Noor Jehan’s brother Mansoor to bring another pair. When Mansoor visited India in 2001, he brought three pairs for SRK.

Now, Noor Jehan too has brought chappals for SRK.

She’ll be in Delhi in the first week of Feb and then approach SRK.

“Kontroversy” with Karan

Karan’s celebrity talk show “Koffee With Karan” is turning into a controversial show. With almost each episode some controversy erupts.

The latest took place on the episode where Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan were invited as guests.

When Karan asked Suzanne what would she do if she wakes up as Gauri Khan one day. To this Suzanne candidly replied “I will go and kiss him on his lips.”

She is a die hard fan of Shah Rukh and a good friend of Gauri too. A similar controversy took place in an episode where Deepika Padukone was asked by Karan as to what would she gift Ranbir to which she smartly replied “a pack of condoms”.

Looks like the name of this celebrity talk show will soon be replaced by Kontroversy with Karan.

The cover of people magazine

Kiran Rao & Aamir Khan on the cover of people magazine

Like the cover???

Have your say….

She has everything that an actress requires… She’s got the looks, the talent, etc etc… 

Do you think Anushka Sharma is the next “IT” thing in Bollywood????

Paichan Kaun??

Guess who??

Ranbir and Priyanka decided to keep distance from each other.

Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor don't talk to each other...

They may have starred together in Anjaana-Anjaani, but Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor don't seem to get along too well. And this was evident at a fashion show recently. Both Priyanka and Ranbir were to walk the ramp, and if their interaction in the green room was anything to go by, there was none.

While the rest of the celebs – Shilpa Shetty, Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Karan Johar - cheered for each other, Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra did little when the other went on stage. Also, while Priyanka chatted with the rest of the film fraternity present backstage, Ranbir was conveniently ignored.

Ranbir Kapoor behaved in a similar fashion. Now, we don't know what exactly it is that has caused this rift. While we are quite anjaan about it, a close friend of the actors' insist that Katrina isn't too happy about him being friends with PC, and Shahid, too, isn't too excited about Priyanka sharing a good rapport with the hot RK. So, these two prefer maintaining their distance and keeping silent.

January 22, 2011

Style Check…

Sonam Kapoor was spotted wearing Winter Kate Victoire Hand Beaded Bodice Dress at Akshya & Twinkle’s 10th anniversary bash.

What do you think about Sonam’s fashion sense???

Have your say…

Now that Imran Khan is married, do you think he has lost his female fans???

Beauty and the Beast!!!

In the poll above, in terms of looks, who do you think dominates his/her better half???? And which couple according to you compliment each other???

Akki and Sonam Bollywood’s new jodi…

This is gonna be 2011′s most HIT jodi. Sonam Kapoor and Akshay Kumar are coming together in director Anees Bazmee’s film, Thank You.

The film is a romantic comedy having most of its scenes being shot in Canada. This will be Sonam’s first comedy flick. It also features Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Irfan Khan, Celina Jaitley & Rimi Sen, with many stars including Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sunil Shetty and Celina Jaitley. Anees has previously given hit comedies like Welcome and No Entry.

Sonam Kapoor unveiled these pictures on her site and also on Twitter. It is a very fresh pair and we are sure that the duo will bring out a smashing chemistry on screen.

The movie is releasing April 8.

Dhobi Ghat

By Chandrika

Director: Kiran Rao
Banner: Aamir Khan Productions
Writer: Kiran Rao
Cinematography: Tushar Kanti Ray
Music: Gustavo Santaolalla
Cast: Aamir Khan, Prateik Babbar, Monica Dogra, Kriti Malhotra, Kitu Gidwani, Danish Hussein, Nafisa Khan

Grade D- Bakwaas ;)

The movie opens with the message “There will be no break in the movie” but that’s not quite correct. As the movie successfully breaks the patience of the audience. After 95 minutes of watching something which looks remotely like a documentary, the audience is left utterly confused. What was the story about? What was the story teller trying to tell? And most of all what was Aamir Khan doing in a movie like this?

The movie is about four main characters and how their lives get inter wined with one another. Arun (Aamir Khan) is a reclusive painter who has problems socializing with people. When he shifts into a new house, he finds three “chitthis” or letters (actually video tapes) left behind by the previous occupant, Yasmin (Kriti Malhotra). He starts watching these videos and that’s how a relationship is established between the two of them. The end of her story leaves him shocked and makes him change his house again. Then we have Shia (Monica Dogra) who works in a bank back in the Big Apple. She is on a “sabbatical” and comes to Mumbai to study the traditional Indian professionals like the washer men, vegetable vendors, perfume sellers etc. She meets Munna (Prateik Babbar), a washerman-cum-night rat killer, who helps her with the task in hand. There is a love angle too in the movie. Shia is attracted to Arun who does not respond. Munna is in love with Shia who does not respond. Are you still with me??? Good because there is more to come!!!

Needless to say the performance by Aamir Khan is amazing. There are absolutely no traces of 20-something “Rancho” from 3 Idiots. We have a mature 40-something painter who looks intense and deep. Very much like his real image. Monica Dongra as an English-speaking NRI does a decent job. Prateik Babbar has proved that he, indeed, has acting in his blood. His mom must be smiling at him from above. Kriti Malhotra hardly leaves any impression on the mind. But the performance by the junior artists takes the cake. Latabai (Yasmin’s maid) and her daughter Vinita are very convincing. Salim as a typical Mumbai guy does justice to the role.

One cannot put “Dhobi Ghat” in the art movie category. And neither does it come under the commercial one. It lies somewhere in between the documentary and parallel cinema. The problem with the theme of the movie is that so much has already been said about the vast economic gap, the lack of basic amenities for the common man and of course, the ugly yet compelling place called “Mumbai”. As Arun beautifully puts it in one line “Mumbai my muse, my whore and my beloved city”. The city inspires you like a muse, doesn’t belong to anyone or belongs to everyone like a whore and embraces you like a beloved. Very profound!!!

What catches the viewers’ attention is the remarkable cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray. You will witness some of the most artistically done shots of Mumbai and her people. Some respite from the dragging story.

To say that the viewers might not like the movie because of their lack of understanding of the parallel cinema will be unfair. The Indians are ready for the New Age cinema. They have appreciated movies like “Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye” “Taare Zameen Par” “Tere Bin Laden” “Dev D”, to name a few, in the past. All these movies were not the usual “masala” ones. But you cannot fool “janta janardhan” with a boring flick in the name of “contemporary” movie. They are too intelligent for that.

Ms. Kiran Rao, your debut directorial venture seems to be a complete “wash out”. Time to take some direction tips from your better half. Don’t worry Indian audience is very forgiving, they will definitely give you another chance. Go for it, girl!!!

Janta janarthan ka kya grade hai????

A: Wah! Kya Film Hai :) :) , B: Paisa Vasool :) , C: Ek Baar Chalta Hai :D , D: Bakwaas ;) , E: Poora time Waste :( :(

January 20, 2011

First Ashmit and then Hrishant, it seems Veena Malik’s list doesn’t end.

Now its a total confusion out here! Recently, the news on Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel's extreme intimacy inside the Bigg Boss house was doing the rounds, but the latest news suggest a total different story. Veena Malik was recently caught making out with co-inmate model, Hrishant Goswami. Surprised? Read On.

Buzz up!
Reportedly, Veena Malik, who was at first in love with Hrishant and later moved on to Ashmit Patel is back with her first love of the Bigg Boss house (Hrishant). Host Salman Khan threw a success party after the grand finale of Bigg Boss 4 at his farmhouse in Panvel . It was there when Veena's feeling for Hrishant came back to the track and thus giving birth to a new love story.

According to the sources in the party, Veena and Hrishant very soon got involved in excessive boozing that night. The couple were seen getting cozy to each other and snuggling in each other arms. Later in the hours after getting totally high both of them decided to go to their rooms.

The couple got into a car and asked the driver to drive them to a famous resort. Reportedly, on the way to the resort the couple couldn't help but got intimate to each other in the back seat of the car. They got involved in passionate make out session and got back to their senses only when the driver alerted them about their arrival at the resort.

Veena and Hrishant were seemingly too busy making out that they lost the track of where they were going. They only came to their senses when they found themselves parked outside Dukes Company in Chembur in Mumbai. Fir kya tha? Bechaara driver. They fired him and wound up going to their respective put ups,” added the source.

Now, that's a big new, if it is one. We, can just wait and watch who among the two, Ashmit or Hrishant will take away the always ready wedding cake(Veena Malik).

Kangana in new avatar

The iconic song Kajra Mohabbatwala, from the movie Kismet (1968) directed by Manmohan Desai and performed by Babita and Biswajeet has been recreated on the screen again in the film in Tanu Weds Manu
The song in its new avatar is to be picturized on Kangana Ranaut

The song gained cult status not just for its melody but also because it was the first time in Indian cinema that both the actor and the actress exchanged their genders roles in the song

But unlike recent adaptations like Dum Maro Dum, Janaab-e-Ali, Mehbooba, this song has not been remixed in the film and will have the original track immortalized by Shamsad Begum and Asha Bhonsale

Speaking on the song, the director of the film Aanand Rai said, "Yes, we have acquired the rights of the song Kajra Mohabbatwala. It is one of my favourite sequences from the film and Kangana has done a stupendous job in it. The song is iconic and we are very excited to have the original version in Tanu Weds Manu. 
The song is perfect for the essence of the film. If I had to tell you what the film is about, this song would encapsulate this perfectly. The energy of the song, the way the woman teases the male is Tanu Weds Manu."

Style Check…

If there is another lady who loves her curves and know she has them all is Priyanks Chopra. Fitted minis is so her.

Priyanka was at the Filmfare award nominations announcement ceremony. She looks stunning..
Absolutely love those shoes…

She gets a 10 on 10…

Like her look???

Salman’s ‘Ready’ most awaited…

Salman Khan is the talk of the town these days. After winning multiple awards for his awesome performance in Dabangg, his upcoming film ‘Ready’ is an icing on the cake.

In a recent poll conducted by a popular website, Salman’s ‘Ready’ was voted as the most eagerly awaited film for the first half of 2011. The other flicks listed in the poll besides ‘Ready’, were Aamir Khan’s Dhobi Ghat, Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Priyanka Chopra’s 7 Khoon Maaf and Akshay Kumar’s Patiala House.

Salman’s ‘Ready’, co-starring Asin is directed by Anees Bazmee. The film is the remake of Telugu hit ‘Ready’ which originally starred Ram and Genelia. It was one of the super hit films of 2008. Buzz had it that Deepika Padukone was Bazmee’s first choice but if sources are to be believed, it is said that Salman Khan was the one who recommended Asin for the project.

The film is not an action thriller but a comedy with doses of action.

Sallu-Bebo begin shooting for ‘My Love Story’…

Salman Khan is on a roll. He has started working on his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri’s home production My Love Story and is paired opposite style diva Kareena Kapoor. The movie is a romantic comedy but takes an emotional turn in the end.

My Love Story is the remake of the hit 2010 Malayalam film Bodyguard starring Dileep and Nayantara. In fact, its Tamil remake Kaavalan with Vijay and Asin, which got released last Friday, is getting an overwhelming response from the audience as well as critics.

We hope that the Hindi remake with Salman and Kareena will also prove to be a great family entertainer like the original. Though Salman-Kareena can’t be called a hit on-screen pair, Atul was convinced to sign Kareena because the heroine of the film has a bubbly persona. So, who else than the chirpy Bebo?

Have your say…

Rani Mukherjee made a smashing comeback with ‘No One Killed Jessica’… Are you waiting for Preity Zinta to make a comeback too???

Paichan kaun???

Guess the name of the movie…

Your Opinion…

Who according to you looks better in Lame Gown…Bipasha Basu or Deepika Padukone..??

First Look- John Abraham in ‘Force’…

John Abraham has a body to die for and that also makes the star just perfect for any action film, but the handsome boy of Bollywood was never seen in a hard-core action movie after his villainous act in Dhoom.

So, here is John for the first time showing his muscle power and eight packs in the movie Force which is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah.

So what is John doing in the film? He plays an encounter specialist; check out the gun tucked in his jeans. The movie is the remake of the Tamil film Kakha Kakha and is directed by Nishikant Kamat of Mumbai Meri Jaan fame.

John says the movie is his first pan India film after a long gap, and it is not just the action which is good in the film, the romance is also beautiful. The movie’s main lead opposite John is the chirpy Genelia D’Souza.

Which Couple Will End Up Tying The Knot???

Which couple according to you will end up tying the knot???

January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Neil Nitin Mukesh!

Neil Nitin Mukesh celebrates his 29th birthday today. The birthday boy is planning to spend his birthday with family and friends before travelling to New Zealand for the shooting of “Players”.

Neil stated “I haven’t planned anything for my birthday, but am definitely open to last minute surprises. I’m guessing this year will be about one of those impromptu plans.”

He added “This is one year that I want to gift myself something. I’m not sure what but I’m guessing it’ll be some gadget.”

He further stated “I’m a good guy, I’m just bad on screen… (laughs). And I love the fact that I know how to love.”

Mukesh said further, “Given a chance, I’d really show what love is to that special someone. But let me find her first.”

January 14, 2011

Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Rockstar…

Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Imitiaz Ali’s Rockstar has been revealed.
Reveals a source,RK’s character Jordan is a very popular singer. The scene being shot in Verona involves Ranbir performing at a rock concert and fans trying to break barricades to get to him.”

What do you think about the movie???

Happy Birthday Imran !!!

It’s double celebration for actor Imran Khan. The newly wed Bollywood stud turns 28.
2011 is going to be quite an eventful year for Imran. Till recently, he’s been shooting for the Yashraj film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan along with Katrina Kaif.
He’ll also be seen in uncle Aamir Khan’s home production Delhi Belly. More than anything, he’s pairing with Kareena Kapoor for the first time in Karan Johar’s production, tentatively titled Short Term Shaadi.
We  wishes the star a Very Happy Birthday… :)

Yamla Pagla Deewana :Review

Director: Samir Karnik
Banner: Top Angle Productions
Writer: Jasvinder Singh Bhatt
Cinematagrophy: Kabir Lal, Binod Pradhan
Editor: Mukesh Thakur
Music: Pyarelal, Anu Malik, RDB, Sandesh Shandilya, Rahul Seth, Sanjoy Chowdhary
Cast: Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Anupam Kher, Nafisa Ali, Johnny Lever, Puneet Issar, Kulraj Randhawa, Himanshu Mallik, Sucheta Khanna, Emma Brown Garett
Grade: A – Wah! Kya Film Hai :)
After the melodramatic APNE in 2007, Dharam paji ka pariwar is back together in Samir Karnik’s Yamla Pagla Deewana once again. And the outcome, well I never thought I would be able to say this about a Samir Karnik film – BRILLIANT. The film doesn’t fail to entertain for one single moment and the audience are definitely in for a wonderful laugh riot, a rarity in Hindi Cinema nowadays.
Story: The story starts with Ajay Devgan providing the voice-over about the films of the seventies where the family splits under very unusual circumstances and everyone is reunited once again for a Happy Ending (the footages of B.R. Chopra’s Waqt, Nasser Hussain’s Yaadon ki Baarat and Manmohan Desai’s Amar Akbar Anthony are shown). Understandably, this is supposed to belong to that cliched genre, yet a successful seventies Hindi Cinema formula.
Paramveer Singh Dhillon (Sunny Deol) is a Indian settled in Vancouver (Canada) with two kids, a foreign wife and mother (played by Nafisa Ali). He is leading a happy and comfortable life except that he does not know the whereabouts of his father Dharam Singh (played by Dharmendra) who runs away with his brother Gajodhar Singh (played by Bobby Deol) during his childhood.
One fine day, a family who newly moves into his neighbourhood visits them and one of the members from the family recognises Dharam Singh from the photograph hanging on the wall. He complains that he was robbed by this man when he was in Benaras not less than six months ago. So, Paramveer sets off to Benaras to find his missing brother and father.
The rest of the story is about how he finds them and how he tries to reunite his family with a to be solved brother’s love story problem which leads to event after event that has everybody in splits.
Performances: The story had enough scope for all the lead cast and nowhere in the movie would one feel that the Deols were forced into the script. Each one delivers thir best. It was a respite to watch the veteran Dharmendra (our He-Man) back on screen with a bang. Dharampaji delivers a brilliant performance which includes a lot of funny one liners.
Sunny Deol was at his usual ease with the character of a Sardar. There is no yelling of dialogues that we usually get to see in his performances. Sunny Deol understood his role well and delivers a subtle and niche performance. All his soft dialogues are well compensated by his macho fights, not to forget the scene in the climax where he just shouts and the goons begin to fly.
Bobby Deol was very good as both a conman and lover boy. He is absolutely comfortable when acting alongside his brother and father. The re-enacting of the tanki scene from Sholay and the Gabbar style scene are nice.
Kulraj Randhawa (Saheba), whose earlier works were only in Punjabi makes a neat and clean debut and she is at ease.
Anupam Kher as Joginder Singh is simply brilliant. A wonderful role for the veteran performer after a long time and he makes sure that the audience love this Sardar’s character absolutely. His scenes with a revolver in his hand at all times are simply superb.
Johnny Lever does a cute little cameo and he is impressive. Sucheta Khanna (Poli), the heroine’s brothers and their friend Binda (played by Amit Mistry), Emma Brown Garett (as Mary), the two kids and Puneet Issar are all good.
Technical Aspects: This is not a new story and since the story involves the Deol pariwar, the audience might feel they know what they are in for. But, let me tell you – you will be surprised with what you will get. Instead of an action-packed melodrama, director Samir Karnik wields a wonderful comedy and the audience are sure to walk out of the cinemas with a sense of satisfaction.
The music was good with the title song standing out. Cinematography and screenplay are decent. Editing could have been better. Fights are both hilarious and filled with action. Watch out for the luka-chupi episode in the climax – wonderful.
This Lodhi, watch Yaadon ki Baarat and Amar Akabar Anthony the Andaz Apna Apna style.
Word of Advice: Do not miss it!
Janta janarthan ka kya grade hai????
A: Wah! Kya Film Hai :) :) , B: Paisa Vasool :) , C: Ek Baar Chalta Hai :D , D: Bakwaas ;) , E: Poora time Waste :( :(

Lady In Red….

Who looks the best in red???

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Providers of School Security, Security Fencing, Security Gates, Road Blockers, Traffic Control,Security Bollards, Turnstiles, Steel Doors, Secure Storage, Parking Security, Access Control, Automatic Bollards, Bifold Gates, Telescopic Sliding Gates
Massage Toronto Spa Exotic For Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Vancouver.
Massage Toronto Spa Exotic For Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Vancouver. Best Toronto Massage Services Best Montreal Massage Spa Services Best Oriental Spas and Massage in Toronto, New York And Las Vegas.
Campers Camping Equipment & Outdoor Accessories
We offer a variety of camping gear, and outdoor camping equipment, great to have on hand whether you are fishing, hiking or just having a relaxing Camping Trip. Shop safe and at ease with us.
Professional photography at affordable prices specialising in Family Portrait, Lifestyle and Product Photography.
The site gives an insight to my work: Portraits, Commercial and Commissions. There is a blog that ranges form the bland to the mundane. You can buy many prints of my work.
Jath Online - Recreation Electronics and Suplies
Find all your Automotive, Boating, RV and Entertainment needs here at JathOnline - Online Shopping made easy
Camping and Outdoor Products
Find all your Camping and Outdoor needs including Compasses, Magnetic, Flashlights, FRS-GMRS Radios, Furniture, Grills, Hydration Products, Knives, Lanterns, Medical Kits, Portable Power, Sleeping Bags, Solar Panels, Tents and much more...
dermal filler
dermill filler resource guide


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