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July 31, 2011

Lata Mangeshkar : There can never be a singer like Mohd Rafi

Singing legend Lata Mangeshkar remembers late singer Mohammed Rafi on his 31st death anniversary and says there can never be a singer like him again. Both of them sang 414 duets together.

"Today's the 31st death anniversary of Rafi sahab. He was an honest and a lovely human being. My family and Rafi sahab shared a great relationship together. It's my honour that I got an opportunity to sing maximum number of songs with him," Lata posted on her Twitter page.

"We have worked in almost 315 films and have sung 414 duets together. We can never have such a great singer again," she added.

They have given evergreen hit songs like Bekhudi mein sanam, Haye re haye, Chhup gaye saare nazare among others.

Rafi lent his voice for almost all the leading actors such as Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna.

The singer died of a heart attack in Mumbai July 31, 1981, at the age of 56.

Best of Mohammed Rafi

He had a song for every season and more than 30 years after he passed away, the songs remain on our lips. In a career of four decades, Mohammad Rafi ‘s remarkable versatility is seen in the range of songs he sang – from romance to sorrow, patriotic to ghazals , bhajans and qawwalis.

Mohammad Rafi passed away on July 31, 1980 but his fame remains undiminished.

Here's the first set of romantic songs in our tribute to some of the best songs sung by Mohammad Rafi.

Baar Baar Rafi: A treasure trove for Rafi lovers

Baar Baar Rafi, a fan club exclusively dedicated to the legendary playback singer-the late Mohammad Rafi is a haven for all the hardcore fans of him.

Those vintage Rafian songs still evoke the same kind of emotions and continue to stir our moods as it once used to despite the age of raunchy remixes and item songs. “Music has no barriers and is a powerful weapon. There were hardly any retro shows in the year 2007, but thanks to the fan club which serves as a perfect platform to such people who are interested in this genre of music,” quips Narayanan, a member of the Baar Baar Rafi club.

Mohammad Rafi fan club that started in the year 2008 with just 3 members has come a long way ever since it made its innings. The club now has a total of 437 members who are all passionate music-lovers and huge fans of Rafi Saab. “We would like to support our younger generation and want them to be a part of our initiative. Today, artists don’t get as much as they deserve. So we make sure that these people are paid well,” added Narayanan.  

The group with free membership has a huge collection of DVD’s and CD’s from all around the globe. It also regularly organizes get-together wherein the members of the club meet and interact with each other, play quiz, sing popular Rafi songs on karaoke. The fan club’s official website gives beginners an introduction to the life of singer par excellence besides having other interesting features like blogs, photo gallery with exclusive pictures of Rafi, trivia section among others.

This Bangalore-based fan club is also organizing a Karaoke Rafi Nite on July 31 to mark the 31st death anniversary of the legendary singer. Talented artistes from India like Chandan, Raj, Manish, Asha, Alka and Devrajan will render 31 super-hit songs of Rafi. So, better don’t miss it! 

This July at the Bollywood BO, Business is great !!!

For the first time in the history of the Hindi film industry, July has been a blockbuster month

The industry would never have expected that the rainy month of July would end the drought at the BO. But this is exactly what has happened. It’s generally the Diwali and Christmas seasons that are known to bring big bucks to producers and theatre owners. July, on the other hand, is considered a low business time, when children get back to school and rains play spoilsport. This time around though, according to trade reports, net collections in the month of July are over Rs. 210 crore.

Things were set into motion with Salman Khan’s Ready, which released towards the end of June and continued to perform stupendously at the BO in July. Double Dhamaal too got good collections during the first week of the month. Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly, released on July 1, also struck gold and since then Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara and Emraan Hashmi’s Murder 2 have gone on to become superhits.

Even though Murder 2 was panned by the critics, it earned big bucks and ZNMD too did very well, despite releasing two days after the 13/7 bomb blasts in Mumbai. The fourth Friday of the month, in fact, brought more cheer, as Ajay Devgn’s Singham got the second biggest opening of the year after Ready.

This month there has been an 80 per cent increase in box office business compared to the same period in 2010, making it the best ever July in Bollywood history! This has definitely brought smiles to the faces of distributors who had been struggling through the first half of the year.

Can’t wait to watch!! Aarakshan or Bodyguard???

Which movie you are waiting to watch, this August???

Aarakshan, release date: August 12th

Bodyguard, release date: August 31st.

The Poetries In ZNMD Said By Farhan Akhtar To Get A Face Of Audio CDs

Of all the films released in the recent times, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara happens to be one of the films that stood out, courtesy its quintessential male bonding story and the stunning visuals.

Even though all the actors delivered some of their best performances, it was Farhan Akhtar’s poetries that became the toast of the film.

And if you happen to be one of those who went gaga over Farhan Akhtar’s poetry in the film, then gear up for more.

These poems that were penned by Javed Akhtar will now be released as audio CDs soon.

Sanjay Dutt’s killer looks in ‘Ra.One’

If you thought that Shah Rukh Khan marks the epitome of style in his tight fitting blue superhero suit in ‘Ra.One’, just wait till you check out Sanjay Dutt in designer sunglasses flaunting his muscles and tattoos for the same.

Our space had informed you that Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra have done a cameo in the film and with his look for the flick revealed on the net, filmi pundits can’t stop raving about his stylish and killer looks.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, the film stars Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal and will be produced under Khan’s production company, Red Chillies Entertainment. Ra.One stands for Random Access - Version 1.0. The film was scheduled to be released on 3 June 2011, but has been pushed further due to extensive post production work.

July 30, 2011

Rakhi Sawant Weds Baba Ramdev?

Controversial Bollywood actress and TV personality Rakhi Sawant expressed her willingness to marry Yoga guru Baba Ramdev. While addressing mediapersons on the sidelines of a promotional event in New Delhi, Sawant spoke of how she also admired Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi. The Drama queen admitted that Ramdev’s yoga sessions have made an impact on her life.

Known to be in limelight for all wrong reasons and numerous controversial acts, she has always been in the news for her raunchy videos to her controversial stay on ‘Bigg Boss’, or walking out of ‘Nach Baliye’ finale in a huff and leaving Salman Khan high and dry.
If this was not enough to satiate her hunger for publicity, she hit headlines for her infamous romance with commoner Abhishek Awasthi, followed by a kissing episode with singer Mika. Her ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ on NDTV Imagine opened a pandora’s box that not only entertained people but also had the gossip columns buzzing for months.

Bubblegum : Review

Cast: Dilzad Hirale, Apoorva Arora, Sohail Lakhani, Suraj Kumar, Tanvi Azmi and Sachin Khedekar
Directed by Sanjivan Lal
Rating: ***

Indian movies on childhood have mostly focused on issues that adults believe children deal with. And real kids and their issues (for whatever reason) are rarely deemed worthy of being essayed on the screen. In the bargain, we're subjected to overtly dramatic, smart-ass little devils who spout one-liners like laughter show contestants. In such a state, Sanjivan Lal's 'Bubblegum' breaks the mould created for screen kids and even gets terribly close to at least one fragment from each of our childhoods.

I mean, who hasn't been a love-struck teen, when the whole concept, though fuzzy, makes one gulp at the very idea of confessing the feeling. When just the very sight of the person required pre-meditated stalking and division of attention would lead to unparalleled jealousy. We've all been there, we've all done that. If not, here's a chance.

The story is based in 80s Jamshedpur, but it wouldn't be much different if it were based out of anywhere else during that period. Our lead is a boy called Vedant (Dilzad Hirale), a goofy-looking dreamer, with little care for life, like most kids his age. Clearly, the promos tell you that he has a love interest and the film could be based on his many attempts to charm his first love, the precious Jenny (Apoorva Arora). It is that, but fortunately, also has much more to offer.

Vedant also has an elder brother, Vidur (Sohail Lakhani) who is hearing impaired and an arch enemy Ratan (Suraj Kumar) who also loves Jenny. So, we have a little Archie-Reggie-Veronica here. His refreshingly liberal parents played by Sachin Khedekar and Tanvi Azmi observe a great balance of sternness and lenience, conveyed beautifully in the line, "Humein pata hona chahiye, ki patang mein kab dheel chodni hain aur kab kaatni."

With the backdrop of Jamshedpur preparing for Holi, the film traces the many firsts in Vedant's life and how he tries to get out of every tricky situation he finds himself in. The film delves into the many innocent fears, pleasant realisations and silly delights that tickled us as children. It also presents how these fears manifest into actions that seemed like the only resort at the time, without being preachy or judgmental.

Although the film may not have a revolutionary story, it manages to keep you interested and more importantly, involved.  It is also easy to relate to Vedant's frustration, sudden fits of unexplained anger and anxiety which are quintessential traits of adolescence where better judgment is yet to prevail.

'Bubblegum' is a winner because it lets you, momentarily, drift back into your early teens, fog out complications and relish life through a pure and immature perspective. A warm snapshot of growing up, this.

July 29, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan vs Rajinikanth

The recent buzz in the B town is that Bachchan saab will add his presence to Rajinikanth's next flick 'Rana'. The film will have super stardom with Rajinikanth playing three roles and have the towering Big B to add to its power.

The two have given big hits in the past in films like Andha Kanoon, Geraftaar and Hum. Meanwhile, the fact that Rajinikanth's earlier year hits are unabashed remakes of Amitabh Bachchan is not a secret. But this get-together of the biggest stars of the North and the South spurts one vital question in the minds of the fans – who is the King of the entertainment industry of India?

Well, Rajinikanth, known as the Thalaivar or the chief, and Big B are like demigods in India. Many argue that the two are superstars in their own rights and comparing them will be unfair. But there is definitely no harm to find out who rules India's hearts.

The soon-to-be Grandpa has been ruling Bollywood for years and is now looking strong even at 64. From his debut film Saat Hindustani to his latest release, he has proved that he is a versatile actor. In fact, there is no need to highlight his works, as everybody in the country knows every little thing about him.

Rajinikanth, on the other hand, is no doubt the king of south Indian cinema. People simply go mad over him and his films. He has been climbing the ladders of success consistently since his debut film Apoorva Raagangal. His style and dialogues have become a fest for his fans.

There is no doubt that comparing the two will be a herculean task. A recent poll conducted by a television channel showed that 82 percent of the voters favoured Rajinikanth to be the King of Indian hearts as opposed to the 18 percent who think Amitabh is the best. .

If we compare the work that the two do – Amitabh does 7 to 8 films in a year on an average while Rajinikanth does 1 film in two years. Rajinikanth charges a huge price of Rs.16 crore to Rs.35 crore per film while Amitabh is paid Rs.3 crores per film. In fact, Rajini is the second highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. Another fact to point out is that Amitabh has 20 registered fan clubs while Rajini is said to have a whooping 63,000 fan clubs across the globe. Big B endorses multiple brands while Rajinikanth does not endorse any. This limits the exposure of 'brand Rajinikanth' to Amitabh making him among the most elusive of movie stars to the general public. This makes him a more 'enigmatic' brand as compared Bachchan whose exposure levels today, have peaked.

Statistics clearly go in favour of Rajinikanth. However, the concerned actors beg to differ. Rajinikanth does not want to be compared with Amitabh. "Comparison with Amitabh disturbs me. He is my idol, an inspiration," said the superstar. He also added that Amitabh is an emperor while he is only a king. Amitabh Bachchan too is all praise for the South Indian star. He said that Rajini is a great actor and a good human being, who has reached the top position from a modest family. According to Mr. Bachchan, no actor in the country could reach the height Rajini has scaled.

Amitabh Bachchan cares about his looks and behaviour on and off screen but Rajini does not. Rajini is an actor in front of the camera but off it, he is himself and doesn't even care to cover his bald head.

Let's look at what is in store for the two great actors…

Big B's astrological chart predicts … He has a cusp of Mercury, Moon and the Sun which provides him with the strength to do unthinkable things. It is a good period for him at the career front. He is going through Ketu's dasa from January 2007 to January 2014. He will be busy acting in films throughout this period. Jupiter will be on his side and will help him come up with another unforgettable hit. The fortunate period will last up to September 2011. Saturn aspecting Ketu from the star of Moon will prompt him to take rest and work "behind" the screen as well. He may need medical attendance at this point of time. From the above analysis it seems that Mr. Bachchan is going to have a very good period till September 2011.

The Padma Bhushan Awardee Rajinikanth's vedic astrology birth chart shows enormous success in financial and professional matters. During the period of March 2010 to September 2011, Rajinikanth will face severe health issues. However, he will have some relief.

Hence, both the stars have a great time as far as career is concerned.

As for the comparison of who will rule the Indian entertainment industry, statistics are clearly in favour of the South Indian king. However, the zeal and enthusiasm with which the soon to be granddad Amitabh Bachchan is working, his future doesn't seem to be bleak at all. At best, one can easily predict that the two stars will together rule the heart of India.

Check out the new song from ‘MBKD’..’ Dhunki’!!!

Come September 9, together, Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif are all set to rock at the box office. One of the most awaited romantic filck from the Yash Raj banner, is all set to release this September.

We will see a totally new Katrina Kaif, the rocker chick! Talking about Kats performance in the film, Imran told a tabloid, “I think Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is going to be a very, very relevant film for her; it’s going to be a very big film for her. The way she has worked on her character and worked on herself for this film is going to show people what she is capable of.”

Check out Katrina Kaif in the new song from the film.

Like her look???

Shera Replaces Kat In Bodyguard Item Song ...

First Salman Khan’s former girlfriend, actress Katrina Kaif, was roped in for the Bodyguard item number and now his security aide Shera has shot for the much-talked about song.

Shera will not only feature in Bodyguard Item Song, but he will also be seen dancing and grooving with Salman.

“Yes, I have shot for the song with Salman bhai and all this seems like a magic. Salman bhai is such a huge star and for someone like him showing such trust in me is nothing short of a miracle,” Shera, who has been with Salman for more than 15 years, said in a statement.

“In front of the whole world, he said that this is my most trusted man. Isn’t that great?

“This is the first time I will be in front of the camera with Salman bhai doing this item song. He just showed me some dance steps and I did a lot of rehearsal before the final take. It was scary and I was nervous. I will never forget this experience,” he added.

Recently Salman had also made Shera unveil the first look of Bodyguard.

The film, directed by Siddique and produced by Atul Agnihotri, is a remake of the director’s 2010 Malayalam film, Bodyguard. It is scheduled for an 31st August release. 

Kjo's B'day gift to Sanju Baba : Reveals his 'Agneepath' first look

Here’s a sneak peek of the deadly Dutt’s Kancha Cheena look in the upcoming film Agneepath. The first look was shared by Karan Johar to all the Sanju fans on the occasion of his 52nd birthday today.

“First Look of Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath! Await your comments,” filmmaker Karan Johar said on micro-blogging site twitter.

In the pic, Sanjay’s look, literally chills the spines. His shaved head, waxed-off eyebrows, bulked up physique and tattoos over his arms, is enough to scare little children. That grin is surely gonna give us nightmares.

‘Agneepath’, a remake of the 1990 Hindi film is reportedly different from the original film. The original ‘Agneepath’, directed by Mukul Anand, starred Amitabh, Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavi, Rohini Hattangadi and Danny Denzongpa; and was produced by Yash Johar, Karan’s late father.

The remake version will see Hrithik reprising Bachchan’s iconic role of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, while Priyanka Chopra would be the female lead. The character essayed by Mithun Chakraborty has been totally done away in the remake and the role of villain played by Danny Denzongpa is being essayed by Dutt. 

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor will play another negative character. The remake version hits cinema houses on January 13, 2012.

Happy Birthday, Sanjay Dutt !!!

Tumbring wishes our beloved Sanju Baba, a Very Happy Birthday. He turns 52 today!!!

July 28, 2011

What we want in a ZNMD sequel ...

Here’s our wishlist for the as-yet-unannounced ZNMD 2

There’s a lot of buzz about a sequel to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. And why not? ZNMD is a hit. And isn’t it a trend to make a sequel once a film is a hit? Just look at Dhamaal, Murder, Bheja Fry, Don and Dabangg - the minute they were declared hits, their sequels were announced. And just as we were excited about Double Dhamaal, Murder 2 and the rest, we can’t wait for the Akhtars to officially announce ZNMD 2. We loved the film, and want to know what happens to these characters. So Zoya, here’s our wishlist for what we want to see in ZNMD 2. (*Warning! Spoilers ahead!*)

– More Hrithik Roshan. And we don’t mean his beefcake-ness. There’s more to him than that. You showed us that in Luck By Chance. So forget the skin, we just wanna see him act. Perhaps Arjun is unable to bring about the balance between his personal and professional lives, which causes friction with Laila?

– Imran learns Spanish and please do not make Nooria speak Hindi! We are fed up of seeing foreigners doing that in Lagaan, Mangal Pandey: The Rising, Rang De Basanti… need we go on?

– The women go on a road trip. Pretty please? Interesting to see how the guys will react to that!

– Kabir resolves his issue with Natasha, then realises she is perfect for him. But she has moved on. Uh oh.

There’s a whole long list we’ve dreamed up so, Zoya, quickly announce the sequel! We can’t wait…

July 27, 2011

Riteish-Genelia together again in sequel of‘Masti’

They have agreed to reprise their roles in part II of their 2004 hit

With Double Dhamaal becoming a bigger hit than Dhamaal, director Indra Kumar has decided to brush the dust off another one of his hits and make a sequel. And the lucky one is… no, not Mann. 

We said ‘hit’ remember? Well, it’s Masti! And the buzz is that the cast will remain the same. So Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani and Riteish Deshmukh will reprise their roles, with Amrita Rao and Genelia D’souza. And possibly Tara Sharma, though we wonder if she will agree to do it.

Much has changed in the seven years since the film released and Tara is now a proud mommy. But what’s got us really interested is that Riteish and Genelia will be seen in the same film once again. 

The two had debuted together in Tujhe Meri Kasam and since then, rumours about their relationship have been doing the rounds. Masti had been the duo’s last film together and there was speculation that maybe the two had broken up.

Of course, both Riteish and Genelia are yet to actually admit that they are in a relationship in the first place, even though rumour mills are abuzz with news of their engagement and impending marriage. But now that the two have agreed to do Masti 2 (as we call it), maybe the announcement will come soon, too. Till then, we will be happy to see them together onscreen.

Kat Will Dance on Item Song Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard With Salman

One of the most awaited flick, Bodyguard, starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead, will also have Katrina Kaif in it. Well, Kats is all set to sizzle in an item number that will play during the opening credits of the film. The item number will be styled after James Bond films.

A source revealed, “When Salman asked Katrina to be a part of Bodyguard, she didn’t even blink before saying ‘yes’. But on hearing Salman’s grand plans for the item number Katrina got a little unsure.

Salman’s brief was simple, an item song for the opening credits that would put Sheila to shame. Considering Kareena was the leading lady of the film, Katrina feared that this might not go down too well with her. However, when Kat told Salman about her cause of worry, he said that he’ll take care of Bebo.”

Buzz has it that Himesh Reshammiya will be composing the song while Ganesh Acharya would be Kats choreographer. The interesting part is that Himesh usually, avoids composing music for films he does not act in. However, Salman being an exception, we hear, HR is all set to make the wackiest item song.

A film with Salman, Kareena and Katrina, this just can’t get any better!!!

Check out SRK’s bike from ‘RA.One’!

The actor has posted a pic of his Batpod-like vehicle in RA.One

Recently there was a lot of buzz about Shahrukh Khan riding a Batman-like bike in RA.One and also performing some dangerous stunts riding it. The actor has now tweeted a picture of this bike, which he says has been designed by Sabu Cyril inspired by some pictures from books. Check out the bike, and tell us if you like it! Also read what SRK has tweeted about it:

@iamsrk: always wanted to ride bikes…mom never allowed me. just so that she knows…this one i was tied to with wires so perfectly safe…for a romantic hero i felt quite the dude..ha ha.

July 26, 2011

Box Office Report…Singham, a HIT!!!

The latest release Singham, starring Ajay Devgan and Kajal Aggarwal, is soon going to become a HIT at the box office.

The first day (Friday), saw a collection of Rs 9.03 crore, which rose to 9.67 crore on Saturday. Sunday saw a whooping sum of Rs. 12.37 crore. Combing the weekend collection, the total summed up to approximately Rs 31 crore. This year, Singham is the second best opener after Salman’s ‘Ready’…

Coming to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the film continues to impress the audience. The first week saw a collection of Rs. 45 crore which is expected to hit the Rs. 70 crore mark in the second week.

Small budget films like Gandhi To Hitler, Khap and Bubblegum will hit theaters the coming week.

Is Salman trying to start a Kat-Kareena catfight?

Salman Khan seems to have developed a new interest – creating cat fights between stars in B-town, all with a wicked glint in his eye

Just when we thought this beefy actor was all done with the brawl business, he proved us wrong. Recently, at the first look event of his new movie Bodyguard, when a journo asked him who in the industry doesn’t really need a bodyguard, the actor looked around drolly, rolled his eyes and replied, “Well, we have a lot of actors who don’t need a bodyguard, but still roam around with one.”

After pushing him a little to give some names, he responded, by first looking at his co-star Kareena Kapoor standing next to him and then saying, with a sly smile, “Kareena was saying that Katrina doesn’t need a bodyguard, but she still walks around with one.” Kareena looked embarrassed and tried to defend herself, but Sallu didn’t seem to budge and continued mocking her. 

We can only draw two inferences from this: Sallu is either playing safe by naming names he knows are not going to land him in trouble or he really needs a hot new controversy in his life - maybe he’s so used to them by now that he misses having a new one every now and then. 

An altercation between Kareena and Katrina might just satiate his need for a new high. All we can say is, if Sallu bhai reads this, we will definitely need not one, but maybe a whole team of bodyguards…

Imran's stylish tribute to Bollywood’s 3 Khans...

Young actor Imran Khan has paid a tribute to Bollywood’s three Khans – Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh – through the title song of his upcoming film “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” by copying steps from their popular songs “Paathshaala”, “Munni” and “Chhaiyan chhaiyan”, respectively.

Imran, who features in the Yash Raj Films project opposite Katrina Kaif, shot for the peppy song in Mumbai, New Delhi and Dehradun.

In the song, Imran goes searching for the ideal bride for his brother. He dances at an airport, mimicking his maternal uncle, Aamir, by performing the same steps that the latter did in the song “Paathshaala” in “Rang De Basanti”.

On the road, he copies Salman’s famous steps from the blockbuster “Dabangg”, and he has also shot atop a train a la Shah Rukh’s “Chhaiya chhaiya” from “Dil Se”.

He may not be a great dancer, but the 28-year-old has managed to copy the three Khans quite well.

“Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” also features Pakistani actor-musician Ali Zafar. The romantic comedy will release Sep 9.

Sallu & Himesh Share the Same Bonding Even Today!!!

No matter what stories are published here and there, Salman denies of any break-up with the musician-cum-actor Himesh Reshammiya.

The question was raised again considering the fact that Himesh Reshammiya has composed the music for upcoming film BODYGUARD starring Salman Khan.

At a recent event Salman opened up on Himesh and clearly said, “When did we break up?” However when further asked why he and Himesh were not seen working together for all these years.

To which Salman jokingly said, “Because Himesh was very busy doing his films earlier. Now he is not so busy doing movies.” Well, whatever their equation was in the past, ultimately we are happy to know that Salman and Himesh are once again together.

SRK in Angoor Movie Remake With Director Rohit Shetty...

Shahrukh Khan in Angoor Movie Remake With Director Rohit Shetty

What's the latest on the remake of ANGOOR, which is expected to star Shah Rukh Khan [in the role essayed by Sanjeev Kumar] and directed by Rohit Shetty? 

Well, the rumor mills are agog with the news that Rohit is keen to start the film now that SINGHAM has released. "Well, I have had meetings with Shah Rukh, but till we finalize the script, we won't go ahead with it," Rohit clarifies.

There's talk that Rohit is also planning a project with Ranbir Kapoor. "That the latest rumor doing the rounds [smiles]. We haven't discussed a film project, so the question of starting a film just doesn't arise," he reveals. 

Meanwhile, Rohit has started BOL BACHCHAN, a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's GOLMAAL, starring dear friend Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles. 

Though the film is based in North India, a good chunk of the movie will be filmed in Rohit's fav destination -- Goa.

July 25, 2011

'ZNMD' is unstoppable....

Unbelievable as it may sound but Bollywood is now enjoying it's fifth straight success in a row after 'Ready', 'Double Dhamaal', 'Delhi Belly' and 'Murder 2'. After a very good opening, 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' sustained exceedingly well over the weekdays as well to put a healthy total of 45 crores. Quite high by all standards regardless of the heavy price tag that the film carries, these collections have ensured that this Zoya Akhtar directed film can now call be termed as a clean Hit.

 Though the film had been hailed by most, there was always a wee bit uncertainty around whether it would manage to hold on after a bumper opening weekend. However as it turned out, this multi starrer affair hung on and how, as the second weekend ended on a very positive note as well. All of this means that other than Hrithik Roshan (who has a 'Dhoom 2' to his credit) and Katrina Kaif (with 'Raajneeti'), everyone associated with the film would now be enjoying the biggest success ever of their career.

 Looking at coming quite close to the 70 crores mark, 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' has not only given a fresh lease of life to Abhay Deol (for whom this is his biggest money spinner till date) but also Farhan Akhtar who was earlier acknowledged as a good actor (Karthik Calling Karthik, Luck By Chance) but is now also wearing the crown of 'Mr. Dependable'. It would now be interesting to see what does the director- actor choose to do next from this point on.

Bollywood remembers Amy Winehouse...

 B-Town folk condole the death of the singer

Several Bollywood folk who were fans of Amy Winehouse took to Twitter to express their grief and sorrow. The British singer was found dead at her London home on Saturday.

Sonam Kapoor
RIP Amy Winehouse for all the demons you faced... I hope you at last have found your peace. I loved your big voice and your music. Love and peace.

Pooja Bhatt
Amy Winehouse found dead... Tragic... 27 is no age to die

Celina Jaitly
I cannot believe Amy Winehouse is no more. I just cannot believe it ¦ so much talent gone forever. Dear Amy, you were and will always be loved by us who loved your music ... may your troubled soul find solace back at the maestro's kingdom!

Vishal Dadlani
Just heard that Amy Winehouse is dead! What a stellar and brilliant artiste! God, I hope it's not true! Someone please say it ain't so! It is true. She's gone! Amy Winehouse, one of the most unique and mercurial songwriters of our time! God keep her safe!"

Shekhar Kapur
RIP Amy Winehouse passes away. She really did say No.

Sophie Choudry
I cannot believe Amy Winehouse is no more. Totally heartbroken. 27 and so much more music to give. RIP.

Chameli Look Is All Set For Kareena’s Wax Statue...

Kareena Kapoor is set to join the Bollywood biggies who have been immortalised at Madame Tussauds, and now we know the look her wax statue will sport. Buzz is that Bebo's wax avatar will be modelled on her look in the movie 'Chameli'.

In 'Chameli', Kareena played a street walker with a complex history that unravels over the course of a conversation with Rahul Bose's character. The movie, produced by Pritish Nandy, got Kareena lots of critical acclaim, and marked a turning point in her career in terms of the roles it was thought she could do. Manish Malhotra designed her look in the movie.

Following the news, Pritish Nandy posted on his Twitter page, "Guess I am vindicated. Madame Tussaud has chosen Kareena as Chameli for their museum... Yehi hai right choice baby." Chameli was Kareena's best look, best role, best performance. She will always be remembered by it," tweeted Pritish.

Kareena will be flying to Madame Tussauds in the UK in October to unveil her wax statue.

Aarti Chabria wins "KKK 4" Title...

The winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi Torchaar Season 4" - Aarti Chabria - spoke to TOI about her experience of being a part of a reality show for the first time ever.

A daredevil act
It was mindblowing! It was a heartening experience to be part of the show as it was a great challenge for me. It was a different experience altogether for me as I have never done this ever in my life. Today as a winner of the show I feel proud of myself and dedicate my winning title to my teammate (in the show) Dhaval Thaku, who has been my support and inspiration. It was a great opportunity and a complete daredevil act which I have never done before. I gave my best and my dedication made me reach the final.
more fit now.I look delicate on-screen, so the audience was pretty amazed to watch me do those stunts. Of course I did undergo a lot of hard training before the show and that made me strong and fit for all the challenges. This show helped me to become physically and even mentally fit.

Chanted During Stunts
There were 13 contestants and everyone has been very supportive. I was not the bravest or the strongest in the show but I was determined that I will give a tough fight to everyone. I used to chant the Hanuman Chalisa every moment I would do a stunt and that helped me a lot. It gave me the power and confidence to fight against all odd situations.

Proved myself
I feel this show has given me the opportunity to prove myself. Now I feel more confident to do an action-oriented role on the big screen someday.

Worst & Best Stunt
The worst stunt was when I was buried alive in the sand and had 101 rats all over my body. I freaked out at that moment.

And my winning shot was the best shot I guess. I had to be inside a burning bus and my teammate had to get the keys and get me free from that bus. It was quite amazing.

Katrina takes Hrithik on a bike ride!

She gets her ZNMD co-star to ride pillion on her bike

Ever wondered if it was Katrina Kaif who really rode the bike in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? 
Or it was her body double?

Katrina put all doubts to rest when she went riding with Hrithik Roshan at Film City in Mumbai on July 23. No, she didn’t race him. Instead she got him to ride pillion on her bike at a promotional event for the film. 

While we loved the ride, here’s what we didn’t like: the absence of helmets. 

Kat donned the protective gear for some time (even if it didn’t have a visor), but Hrithik didn’t. A cap is no adequate protection against an accident, Duggu. Tsk tsk.

July 22, 2011

The Bodyguard trailer !!!


Salman Khan is known to wear his heart on his sleeves. The actor can go to any length to promote his friends.

At the launch of the first look of his new film Bodyguard at Mumbai's PVR Juhu, Salman took a backseat and let his real life bodyguard of 15 years Shera take centre stage.

It was an emotional moment for Shera, who praised Salman for his kind gesture.

 "This is a very big honour that bhai (Salman) has given me by giving me an opportunity to release his film's promo. I have been with bhai for 15 years now. I used to tell him that I can do anything for him -- even take a bullet. But the fact is that bhai can do anything for his loved ones. He is the real-life bodyguard," Shera said.

The film is an out-and-out Salman vehicle. In fact, the stunts and action sequences look straight out of Salman's earlier hit Wanted.

July 21, 2011

Bigg Boss Season 5 ........

Good news for Salman and Sanjay fans…

All you Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt fans, here’s some good news for you guys!

Bigg Boss Season 5 will now be hosted by both Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, together.

Head of programming at Colors, Ashvini Yardi, , said: “With both Salman and Sanjay on board, we’re sure that this season will touch unprecedented heights.”

Season 5 will see Sallu hosting the show for the second time. He is the only one who has got a chance to be a host for the show for the second time.

Seems like Salman Khan is super excited to be the host of the show. He is quoted as saying: “I enjoyed working on the last season and received much positive response from fans. I’m glad to be back for another season … and with Sanjay Dutt … it can only mean one thing — more excitement.”

Bigg Boss Season 5 goes on air from October this year.

Asin-Neil split!!!

Asin Thottumkal who was seeing Neil Nitin Mukesh, broke up recently, through a text message that simply said: “It’s over”.

Ever since that message, the two actors haven’t been on talking terms.
A source reveals, “In any case, they never made their relationship public. Asin had made it very clear that Neil shouldn’t ever talk about them to the press or otherwise.

Strangely the two are poles apart — she’s controlling and fiercely ambitious, he’s fun-loving and easy going. Like every other couple, they too had fights; teething problems, if you please. But the real trouble began when Asin started getting close to Salman Khan.”

If buzz is to be believed, Neil did not appreciate Asin attending Salman Khan’s house parties. On confronting
Asin, she told him to back off. “She was bonding with everyone from John (Abraham) to Akshay (Kumar). Even though all this was for work and to sign big films, Neil felt he was getting sidelined.

He raised the issue often but she refused to address it. Soon, Asin just stopped answering his calls.

“His phone calls and messages went unanswered for days. Her ‘it’s over’ text was the final nail in the coffin. The two have gone their separate ways since.”

Dashing Salman on Filmfare cover, July 2011!!

Check out the punchline on the cover screaming: Salman Khan: Ready to rock-n-rolla”.

Like the cover??

The 2 new posters of ‘BodyGuard’…

Here’s the FIRST LOOK of the most awaited movie of the season BODYGUARD. Starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead, the flick is set to release on 31 August, 2011.

Like the posters???

Katrina apologizes for calling Rahul Gandhi as ‘Half-Indian, Half-Italian’

Katrina Kaif’s remarks on Rahul Gandhi calling him as ‘half-Indian’ sparked such controversy that that actress had to finally apologize to the nation for this though it was unintentional and meant no malice.

Katrina had told in an interview to a newspaper, “Am I supposed to be ashamed that I am half-Asian, I mean, no! Rahul Gandhi is half-Indian, half-Italian. So? I am very proud of what I am and I just don’t understand the confusion? as if I’m trying to hide the fact that my mother’s a British. Why would I?”

Her remarks were met with contempt and criticism from Congress and the party spokesperson Manish Tewari sarcastically said, “Who is she? I do not know. Tomorrow, you will ask for our reaction on the statement of Johny Lever. To what level you want to bring down the level of the political discourse in the country?”

To cool down the heat, Katrina apologized on a TV news channel saying, “The comments have been misconstrued. They have been taken out of context. But having said that if I have caused hurt to anyone’s sentiments, I deeply apologies. It was not the intention at all.”
“I will also request the media not to make a controversial issue out of something which was not meant with any intention or malice or any real thought behind it. That’s all I have to say,” she added.

Mahie Gill redefines boldness for bollywood

Seems like Dev D’s Paro, Mahie Gill, is bent on creating new definitions for boldness in Hindi Cinema. 

If her bold character in her debut venture ‘Dev D’ was not enough, the actress has gone a step further as she portrays the character of infamous Maria Susairaj in ‘Not a Love Story’

Taking the boldness to a level further, she will be seen giving in a passionate lip lock along with many dare-bare scenes in her forthcoming ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster’. 

The movie, which is a modern day adaptation of ‘Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam’ stars Randeep Hooda and Jimmy Shergill in lead roles.

Jimmy Shergill will be playing Mahie’s husband and Randeep will be seen as the gangster, having an affair with her.

Imraan’s Shayari (Poetry) from ZNMD

One of the things that fans and critics are raving about are the gorgeous poems by Javed Akhtar, which were recited by Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Farhan thanked his father on twitter for the poems, “It’s so fantastic that everyone loves the poems in ZNMD. Thank you pa for injecting soul into the film with your gifted hand.”

Since as soon as we were done watching the film, we were looking for these lines of poetry, we thought you probably would be too, so here are the four shers (poems) from Zindai Na Milegi Dobara!

1 -
Ik baat honton tak hai jo aayi nahin
Bas ankhon say hai jhaankti
Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi
Kuch lafz hain woh maangti
Jinko pehanke honton tak aa jaaye woh
…Aawaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaye woh
Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai
Ahsas hi ahsas hai

Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti
Khushboo jo be-aawaaz hai
Jiska pata tumko bhi hai
Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai
Duniya se bhi chupta nahin
Yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai

There is a matter that has almost come to my lips
This is evident in my eyes
Sometimes from you, sometimes from me
They ask for words
To take their shape and come to my lips
And to be embraced by my voice
But this matter
Is a feeling…only a feeling
Floating in air like fragrance
Fragrance becomes its voice
That you know of
That i know of
It’s not hidden from the world
Don’t know what kind of secret is this

2 -
Jab jab dard ka baadal chaya
Jab ghum ka saya lehraya
Jab aansoo palkon tak aya
Jab yeh tanha dil ghabraya

Humne dil ko yeh samjhaya
…Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai
Duniya mein yunhi hota hai

Yeh jo gehre sannate hain
Waqt ne sabko hi baante hain
Thoda ghum hai sabka qissa
Thodi dhoop hai sabka hissa
Aankh teri bekaar hi nam hai
Har pal ek naya mausam hai
Kyun tu aise pal khota hai
Dil aakhir tu kyun rota hai

Every time the cloud of pain loomed
A tear filled my eyes
When this lonely heart was scared
I told my heart ‘Why do you cry for such reason? This happens everywhere in this world’

These dark lonely times, time has distributed them to all.
Some sadness is part of everyone’s story,
Some sunshine is a part of everyone’s life
Your eyes are damp for no reason
Every second is a new season
Why do you waste your time over such matters
Why do you cry I asked my heart

3 -
Pighlay neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan
Neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan
Na kahin hai zameen
Na kahin aasmaan
Sarsaraati huyi tehniyaan, pattiyaan
Keh rahi hain ki bas ek tum ho yahaan
Sirf main hoon meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein
Aisi gehraiyaan
Aisi tanhaiyaan
Aur main sirf main
Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya

The moment flows by like molten sapphire
Deep Blue silences
No Earth below
No Sky above
The rustling branches and leaves
Saying that only you are here
Only me
My breath
My heartbeat
Such Depth like this
Such Loneliness like this
And me only me
I now believe I exist

Dilon mein tum apni
Betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Nazar mein khwabon ki
Bijliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Hawa ke jhokon ke jaise
Aazad rehno sikho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise
Lehron mein behna sikho
Har ek lamhe se tum milo
Khole apni bhaayein
Har ek pal ek naya samha
Dekhen yeh nigahaein
Jo apni aankhon mein
Hairaniyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum
Dilon mein tum apni
Betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum

If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive
If you carry dreams in your eyes then you are alive
Learn to live like the free waves of wind
Learn to flow like the sea does as waves
Receive every moment in life with open arms
Every moment is a new beginning seeing with your eyes
If you carry surprise in your eyes then you are alive
If you carry impatience in your heart then you are alive

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

With translations by Trupti Kantilal and Vani

July 20, 2011

Jannat Sequel Will Be Called ‘Blood Money’

The maker of Murder films Mahesh Bhatt has got the title for his forthcoming sequel of ‘Jannat’. After going public by having an online title poll, the filmmaker has come to a decision, thanks to his followers.

Bhatt on his micro-blogging site recently had asked his followers to suggest him some titles for ‘Jannat 2′, starring Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri. He wanted it to be something different and was not keen to name it just ‘Jannat 2′. And now, the movie has been titled as ‘Blood Money’ - announced Bhatt on his social networking site Twitter.

Following the suggestion of his followers, Mahesh decided to use some new title for the movie and he also thanked them for the same.
Earlier, Bhatt had similarly taken the help of Twitter and Facebook to get views on his recently released ‘Murder 2′ poster.

Dia Mirza looks gorgeous on the cover of Wedding Vows Magazine

Like the cover???

Will Hrithik, Kareena work together K3G Sequel ???

  Hrithik, Kareena say yes to Karan Johar’s K3G 2…

…when they have deliberately not worked together for eight years now?

It’s been ten years since Karan Johar followed up his impressive debut (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) with an even more lavish Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. And tearjerker-loving audiences once again lapped it up. 

So when KJo recently announced that he is planning a sequel to K3G, we – and our families – were loving it. But the fact is that things have changed a lot in the past decade, especially Kareena Kapoor’s equation with Hrithik Roshan. Ten years ago, the two were a hot couple onscreen. 

Then rumours of their chemistry continuing offscreen began doing the rounds. That was not a positive thing for either of them, as Hrithik had just married Sussanne. So after doing duds like Yaadein, Mujhse Dosti Karoge and Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, the two finally decided to stop acting together. And they have stuck to that for the past eight years, but never really clarified why. 

Will they break their pact for Karan, if he asks nicely? Will Bebo risk reawakening all those rumourmongers when she is happily in a relationship with Saif Ali Khan? Will Hrithik want to risk another fiasco like the Barbara Mori drama? Yet, both are in need of hit films, Golmaal3 and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara notwithstanding, so we won’t be surprised if the two do start bonding again. 

We hope they do, cause K3G just won’t be the same without Poo and her Laddoo.


July 19, 2011

Ajay , Salman and Sanjay in action !!!

Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt will soon be seen in an action-packed flick, which they will co-produce.

Buzz has it that the trio are planning an all-out action flick which will feature each of them in deadly action sequences. The hick-as-thieves friends have been spotted together a couple of times and if rumors are to be believed, at of their get-togethers, the idea of an action-packed film dawned upon them.

A source explained, “Ajay and Sanjay are very close friends. In fact, Sanjay went out of his way to make himself available for Devgn’s film All The Best. Ajay then returned the favour by giving bulk dates to Dutt for his first production Rascals. Salman has always thought of Dutt as a hero and has always respected him.

Ajay and Salman have also shared a good rapport for a long time. Of late, they have been regularly in touch. Salman, via Twitter, has been posting appreciative comments on Ajay’s physique in his upcoming release, Singham. Khan has even posted pictures of the film. Ajay Devgn has reciprocated by praising and recommending Salman’s Chillar Party to friends and family.

Ajay is also keen to organise a trial show of Singham for Salman and his family. Earlier this year, both Ajay and Sanjay Dutt went ahead and did a cameo for Salman in his film Ready. Last week, after Ajay completed his photo shoot in Bandra, he called up Salman, who invited him over to the sets of Bodyguard.”

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