Preeti Jhangiani caught without her panty !

Preeti Jhangiani clicked without the most essential undergarment...

Actress-turned-producer Preeti Jhangiani had an embarrassing oops moment while promoting the film Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande in New Delhi.

The actress, clad in a short black dress, was clicked in a compromising position and it’s being claimed that she wasn’t wearing her panty at the event, just like Yana Gupta. The image, posted above, doesn’t reveal much, but the internet and micro-blogging sites are already abuzz about Preeti’s faux pas.

Preeti is married to actor Pravin Dabbas and hasn’t yet made an official response to the reports of her going pantyless.
Preeti Jhangiani caught without her panty ! Preeti Jhangiani caught without her panty ! Reviewed by Zoe on 9:55 AM Rating: 5


  1. I like this post wery well. and its rocking and awesome. They want to be a part in daily news with these sexy tricks..

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  2. I absolutely love to see celebs not wearing any thong or panties. Its so damn sexy. And alot of these pretty female celebs who are caught without panties, usually always have a very pretty pussy. If you got it, flaunt it. Props to these photogs for giving us men some great pussy to look at. I love it. It gets my heart pumping. I love ladies who dont wear panties or bra (only if they are pretty). And its smart in a way for the female up and coming celebs to not wear panties or anything. Because when paparazzi gets photos of their pussy, it goes viral. That puts the celeb in the media, which gets them attention from everyone, especially movie producers and all that. Basically no need to wear any undies if you are female and pretty, because A. We all want to see how nice your pussy looks and B. Gets the celeb alot of GOOD attention... Keep on not wearing underwear ladies!!!



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