Check out: Ranbir touches Deepika’s feet

Ranbir shocks everyone by touching Deepika’s feet...

the award and when Ranbir Kapoor was declared as the winner (for his performance in Rockstar), the young star did something unexpected.

He went on stage and, out of respect, touched the feet of Subhash Ghai. Then he turned to Deepika Padukone and touched her feet as well. An amused Deepika personally gave the award to Ranbir and hugged him. Earlier she had said that Ranbir’s performance in Rockstar moved her to tears.

Meanwhile, the rumour mills are already working in overdrive to speculate the reason behind Ranbir touching Deepika’s feet. Some say it was out of repentance for having cheated on her. But a source who was present at the award ceremony tells us that Ranbir’s gesture was purely out of fun and Deepika too took it sportingly.

Now, here’s an examples of two exes bonding without keeping any grudges from their past.
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