Is Rajesh Khanna ogling at Ameesha Patel?

Veteran Rajesh Khanna has been accused of having a roving eye in the past. And this picture, taken at a recent event, isn’t good news for the yesteryear star’s degenerating image

There was a time when Babu moshai (Rajesh Khanna) would croon a Ye shyam mastani or a Zindagi ek safar and all the girls would go weak in their knees. Things have changed over the years and the yesteryear star is sinking into oblivion with every passing day. We get to see him only occasionally when makes an appearance or two in award functions and events.

We recently spotted him at the Apsara Awards staring at Ameesha Patel from the corner of his eye. Though we won’t deny that Ms Patel is looking superhot and anybody would slip in a matter of seconds (irrespective the age), we think the Anand actor should have at least tried to make it a little less obvious. We must say that even the thought of an old man staring at someone his daughter’s age makes us feel nauseated. 

We wonder if Ameesha even realised that Kaka was ogling at her! But we suggest that instead of getting himself into embarrassing situations like these Kaka should keep himself busy with activities like gardening, reading or playing with his grandchildren. If nothing, that could at least help him improve his image!
Is Rajesh Khanna ogling at Ameesha Patel? Is Rajesh Khanna ogling at Ameesha Patel? Reviewed by Zoe on 6:34 AM Rating: 5

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  1. he was jst looking at her n thrs nthng wrng in it..u jst stp using ur corrupt wenevr u write,write sumthng sensible dickhead.



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