Why is Ekta Kapoor single?

The Czarina of prime time television may seem supremely confident and in a powerful place on the TRP ladder, but she is, surprisingly, afraid of something very simple and, frankly, silly!

Ekta Kapoor has been at the top of her game for some years now, maintaining her position as a power player in the television world, a few hiccups notwithstanding. Now she has forayed – and very successfully, considering the reaction to Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Shor in the City and The Dirty Picture – into the larger kingdom of feature films too.

But where her own personal life is concerned, Ekta is not as fearless and confident as she is at work. According to what she said recently in an interview, she has trust issues that prevent her from finding a man to get some coochie cooing done with.

The lady says that it could be her tough image that works against her love life, or else it is the stars that are not properly placed for her to attract the right kind of person. And she is not willing to “keep the door open” and let just anyone in, she insists. “I just want to protect my heart from rejection. Also I am not sure who is approaching me for what I am. I joined a gym and I couldn’t work out because there were four aspiring actors working out only around me. I take a flight, pursers give me their numbers. How will I ever know who wants to genuinely be my friend and not use me?” While this is a problem a lot of women face, we know that Ekta has more to lose with a bad relationship than with a flop film. And she has gone through all the various kinds of trauma that any woman in her position could possibly face…in her television serials, we mean, of course!
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