Aamir’s upcoming film titled ‘Talli’

After his much-acclaimed film 3 Idiots which also turned out to be Indian cinema’s biggest blockbuster, the news was abuzz that the director Rajkumar Hirani will go back to his Munna Bhai days and is thinking of directing the next Munna Bhai film. But as per reports, it’s not Munna Bhai 3, but a film with Aamir Khan that will keep Hirani busy.

So Raju Hirani, as he is popularly called, is reportedly finishing a project called PK which stars Aamir Khan in the lead. As the abbreviation sounds, the film is about a social crusader who remains sloshed. The character is shown in a tipsy state throughout the film, and Aamir Khan, considering how perfect he is, has not hit the bottle (as he doesn’t drink), but has started getting a hang of slurring and stumbling that is needed to play a drunken hero.

But both the director and the actor are now not so pleased with the movie’s title PK. The title sounded “ambiguous” to them, and wasn’t able to convey what the film was all about. So both Hirani and Aamir decided that the title should be changed for good and thought of renaming it ‘Talli’.

However, to name their film Talli is not easy. The problem with changing the title is that the rights of the title Talli lies with the filmmaker Ken Ghosh and it depends on him whether he is willing to part with it.

When Ken Ghosh was asked about it, he only said, Hirani just has to ask for it. It’s also not known whether Talli will release before Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 or after it.

Meanwhile, Hirani’s associate and writer Abhijat Joshi will take forward the Munna Bhai franchise with Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi.
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