Bebo Defends Saifu in Assault Case

Kareena Kapoor has finally spoken about the assault case in which Saif Ali Khan was involved
Kareena Kapoor has given her version of assault case which involved Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena Kapoor says about the assault incident, “I haven’t spoken about what happened that night, but now I feel I should because whatever is being said is completely one-sided. This man (Iqbal Sharma) is publicity-hungry. How can a man with a broken nose and jaw speak continuously on TV for more than 10 hours?
Saif was provoked. He’s a thorough gentleman and would never get into a brawl, especially with women around.”

According to Kareena Kapoor, it was Iqbal Sharma who came to their table and started shouting at them. She also said that Saif Ali Khan said sorry to him but still Iqbal Sharma continued with his grudge. She also said that at that time only Saif’s group and Sharma group were dining at the Wasabi restaurant.

 Iqbal Sharma also said, he didn’t know Saif Ali Khan was an actor. But kareena Kapoor contradicted him. She said, “Now he’s saying he didn’t know that there were actors present at the table. But his wife Tarina (who has acted in “Dhol” and “Bhool Bhulaiyya”) and Malaika had greeted each other just a little while before! The funny thing is when Tarina saw her husband making a scene, instead of stopping him she got into the lift and ran away!”

According to Kareena Kapoor, It was Iqbal Singh who pushed Saif Ali Khan and Saif had not assaulted him first. She also said that Iqbal Singh’s father-in-law joined him in the scuffle. She said, “Saif is very respectful towards seniors and he knows how to behave in public places. I am not saying this because I am in a relationship with him. It’s a fact.”
But eyewitnesses account contradicts Kareena Kapoor. He said it was Saif Ali Khan who punched Iqbal Sharma first. According to Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan is being targeted here, because he is a celebrity. 
She says, “Saif was also hit and has a swollen eye. He has given a statement and each one of us stand by it. We were witness to what happened and this is a sure case of Saif being targeted because of his celebrity status. It’s disgusting!”
Saif Ali Khan was arrested and later on released on bail in the assault case.
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