I am a big phattu Says Bipasha

Actress Bipasha Basu is currently riding high on all the praise she received for a toned took in her last release Players and her upcoming film Jodi Breakers.

“I’ve always believed that one should upgrade with each occasion. I’m always doing something or the other to keep myself updated and many a times my friends wonder where do I get the energy from. And there are times when I feel irritated because I’m always charged up. In fact, my friends teasingly call me a Machine or a Robot. So, the rare times when I feel a little slow and take some rest, my friends agree that I’m a human being,” laughs Bipasha adding that a hectic schedule ensures she is free from all kinds of insecurities.

Bips is presently shooting for Raaz 3. Ask the hot bod actor if she likes working on horror films and she reveals, “I am a big phattu. I am extremely afraid to watch horror films alone. I can’t even sleep in the dark. While shooting for Raaz, I used to live in fear even though there would be many people around during the shoots. But I feel more than shooting for a horror film, watching it alone is way more tough for me. I am so scared of the idea of ghosts and spirits that even loud noises can scare me easily.”

Talking about the film, she says that Raaz 3 is a different story and doesn’t resemble the first two installments at all. “It is an urban tale, set up in Mumbai. People feel there are no ghosts in Mumbai, but its untrue. In fact we are ourselves ghosts in this city,” she says laughing out loud. “However, I feel it doesn’t matter for a ghost whether it’s from Mumbai, Miami or some remote village! Having said all this, now I’m already feeling scared to sleep at night!” says Bipasha.
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