Ranbir, Imran make me feel competitive: Prateik

Prateik on his encounter with the greasepaint and more in an interview with TOI

From the day he started to don greasepaint, Prateik's been grabbing headlines. Contrary to what one thinks, Prateik comes across as an introvert in real life. "I don't talk much usually," says Prateik. Amid the pregnant pauses that punctuate our conversation, the actor slowly opens up.

In town recently for a promotional trip, Prateik admits to a desperate desire for solitude, but admits ruefully, "Can we always do what we like? Given a choice, I'd run away to an island." Prateik also feels interacting with the target audience and travelling places to movie promotions are part and parcel of his job. "I've got to do what's part of my profession," he says.

Prod him a little more on his introvertish nature and he says, "Outward appearances are often deceptive. As actors we might seem outgoing and approachable, but in real life we could be different. There's more to acting than being in the limelight, like one's responsibility towards the films one does."

Quiz him on whether he is losing the flashbulb moments to his contemporaries owing to his reticent nature and he says, "Ranbir, Imran are great actors. I've no choice but to be competitive. I've started enjoying being an actor. I know I'm different and that's my strength. What else can I say? May the best man win!" Prateik candidly admits that acting wasn't on the cards. Managing a constant eye contact now, he says, "Actually, I stumbled upon acting. I accepted Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (his debut film) without giving it any serious thought. I took it up as more of an extracurricular activity. I never prayed that film chal jaye. But I enjoyed the process and the reviews encouraged me to take up films as a career."

Prateik feels watching his mother, the late Smita Patil, on-screen enables him to get closer to her, "I don't observe the nuances of acting when I watch mom's films. I try to figure out how she spoke, how she reacted to situations and based on that I imagine how she would've talked to me. It's one-sided communication!" he says.

Prateik who's dropped the Smit from his name says, "I think she (mom) would have liked it this way. I'm told, Prateik's the name she gave me before she left us. Keeping it just Prateik is like paying tribute to my mom."

Prateik is in love with his well toned body at the moment. Of late, the actor has bulked up a bit too. "Frankly, it was for a role, but now I realize I never looked so great. So I want to maintain it like that," he says.

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