Rakhi Sawant Visits Parliament

Rakhi Sawant visits Parliament.

Irrespective of what she does, Rakhi Sawant is never out of news. She once again hit headlines as she visited the Parliament on the opening day of the budget session.

Rakhi Sawant caught the attention of everyone as she walked into the parliament because whereas you can expect her to do something as extraordinary as contesting the elections and campaigning for various candidates because it brings her some publicity, you do not expect her to attend the proceedings of the two houses, on a day when the President is to address the two houses and the political situation of the country is also tense.

So, what was Rakhi Sawant doing in Parliament on such a vital day of the budget session? When asked Rakhi Sawant said, “No one invited me here. I just came to meet the MPs. I wanted to see how our Parliament and our leaders work.”

Rakhi Sawant added, “I’ve come to convey the message to Soniaji on behalf of all the people and especially women that there should be something for women in the budget and it should be fair to everyone,”

Rakhi Sawant has also been a big admirer of Rahul Gandhi.

Though Rakhi Sawant is not associated with politics in anyway, her decision to visit the Parliament is not very surprising. After all, it is often alleged that Rakhi Sawant is known for shouting at everyone including her producers just the way our MPs shout inside the house. Rakhi Sawant might have felt at home watching the MPs work.
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