Salman Beat Me Up In Big Boss, Alleges Sky

Remember Akshashdeep Saigal aka Sky? Yes, the one who made headlines for taking punga with industry heavyweight Sanjay Dutt on TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 5’!

Sky is yet to overcome his ‘Bigg Boss 5’ stint and Salman Khan’s alleged attack on him on the show.

While talking to a daily, Saigal said that he could never expect the biggies attacking him on national television. 

Sky had apparently shown disrespect to Sanjay Dutt and this irked Salman Khan. The flamboyant star had entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house to give Sky a piece of his mind and show him his place. With the show over now, the TV actor still seems to be in a state of shock!

“I was shocked that Salman Khan came into celebrity home, attacked me personally, attempted to demoralise me and put me in a bad light. I`m glad that I was respectful, held my ground and maintained my dignity,” said Sky to the daily.

“I met a lot of viewers post Bigg Boss who told me that they were upset to see me being picked on by the hosts. And in hindsight I can say their victimisation of me won me many hearts and friends,” Sky added.

‘Bigg Boss 5’ is long over Sky…c’mon get back to real time!
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