Kareena reveals her most good looking guy!

Kareena Kapoor revealed her most good looking guy. Well its not Saif Ali Khan but her nephew Kiaan. She loves her nephew so much that she even keeps his pic as his wallpaper on her desktop.

“It will have to be Kiaan Kapoor,” said Kareena Kapoor
“He is my sister’s (Karisma) son. He is the most good looking man in my life right now. He has rosy cheeks, big eyes, and the most amazing lips, so it is obviously his face that I love to see every day,” added the 31-year-old.

Sony Vaio Laptops brand ambassador is Kareena Kapoor. The actress was at the launch of its new campaign – spark a trend.

Talking about the Indian film industry, she says, “I am a member of the Indian film industry. I come from the Kapoor family. Acting is in my blood. This industry has given me everything. There is nothing more I could have asked for.”
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