The first ever peek at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming movie had us wondering what could be expected next

Ram Leela is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guajarati adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. And one that will be filled with colourful nomads who are locally called banjaras. We know this only after looking at the first still from the movie. But while the multi-coloured clothes and mirrorwork fit in perfectly, we wonder how crucial Ranveer Singh’s beefed up look is to the story.

Ranveer – if we assume that Ram Leela is inspired by Romeo and Juliet and he will play Romeo – will be the classic Shakespearean lover. And one who believes in spending long hours at the gym, we suppose. But, why? To fight the goons who lay an evil eye on Deepika Padukone aka Juliet? Or is the rough nomadic lifestyle to be blamed for this one?

Guess we’ll know only when the maker decides to reveal more about the movie. And yeah, the still also makes us wait impatiently for Dippy’s avatar in Ram Leela. We caught a glimpse of her wearing short shorts and playing Holi with her hero, but that outfit seemed kinda wrong for a rural setting, wethought. So will our leggy gal be dressed in traditional mirrorworked ghagra cholis, or do we have a surprise waiting for us here? Time to wait and watch, peeps!

But while you do that, don’t forget to share your take with us on this still from Ram Leela. Ciao!
FIRST LOOK :RAM LEELA FIRST LOOK :RAM LEELA Reviewed by Zoe on 4:20 AM Rating: 5

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