Both Abraham brothers are winning awards

John says it's the best phase of their careers for both the Abraham brothers

It seems that there is no want of celebration in the Abraham household, as both John and his brother Alan are busy picking up awards for their respective careers.

While John's first production venture Vicky Donor has been winning awards at many galas, Alan has just won the award for the best architect for his design in a commercial space.

He won the award for designing John's office. The actor says, `Yes, these are happy times. Alan won this award from the Institute of Indian Interior Designers for designing my workplace.`

It's been a lucky year for John so far and the actor states, `I don't attend award shows but I am happy that my team does. It just reinforces my faith in the kind of scripts I believe in.` We wonder if Alan is all set to design an exclusive trophy room for John next! 
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