Movie Review : Rangrezz

Movie : Rangrezz

 Rating : 3 / 5

Cast: Jackky Bagnani, Priya Anand, Rajpal Yadav, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Varma

Music : Sajid-Wajid, Sunder C Babu

Cinematography: Santosh Sivan

Director: Priyadarshan

Rishi(Jaccky bagnani), Winu(Amitosh nagpal), Pakkya(Vijay Varma) are the 3 best friends who are unemployed and are almost on the verge of setting the things right. Suddenly one day Rishi’s childhood friend Joy turns up and meets Rishi with a depressive mood and eventually tries to commit suicide because his mother is not allowing him to marry the girl he loves and same happens with his lover’s family. Rishi promises Joy that he will somehow bring the girl to him and get them married, during this process Rishi, Winu and Pakkya will come across dangerous incidents where 3 of them will almost ruin their lives. But Joy and his lover are married and will be on a honeymoon trip which is safe and secured funded by Rishi’s another trusted friend. Rest of the movie is about how drastically the lives of the 3 friends change and we’ll see if the risk 3 friends took to unite Joy with his lover is worth what they lost or not. And movie concludes with a strong message to the youth regarding friendship and marriage.

Actor’s Performances:
This is Jaccky Bagnani’s 4th film, in the past he did some romantic/comedy movies but he still needs to improve a lot in terms of subtle acting. This movie demanded an intense performance supported with exceptional dialogue delivery from him but however he does his job partially. Amotosh Nagpal and Vijay Varma did good job as trusted friends of Jaccky, Rajpal Yadav did a very good job in his short appearance. All the other characters did not have much screen space but everyone did decent job.

Technical Aspects:
Technically movie was flawless I can say, background music given by Sunder C babu is outstanding and at times gives you Goosebumps while watching, even songs composed by sajid Wajid are decent and hummable. Cinematography is exceptional as expected from the maestro Santosh Sivan; he made sure the movie’s intensity is never low with his splendid camera work. Editing is up to the mark without any issues and I must say producers have never compromised and made movie very good in terms of technical aspects.

Before analyzing I want to let you people know that ‘Rangrezz’ is the remake of Tamil super-hit ‘Nadodigal’ with no changes whatsoever.

Movie starts off well with each character being introduced serially and 1st 30 minutes is all about defining characters and was done pretty well as all of them seem very natural and tone is set up perfectly. And then the movie picks up the pace and chase in the pre-interval block is the highlight of the movie, Priyadarshan shot that exceptionally well and he was equally supported by Santosh Sivan’s cinematography and Sunder C Kumar’s sensational background music. This is the scene where you will feel Goosebumps on your hands and you’ll be glued to the screen. 2nd half of starts off on the slower note and is mostly about how well 3 friends deal with the crisis in their lives and become successful.

After all the hard work done by the director throughout the movie he just needs a perfect finish to the movie in order to make a it successful, but however climax of the movie is where Priyadarshan could not do complete justice and neither could Jaccky and Co do anything about it. Climax of the Tamil version of the movie was shot so well and was very well enacted by the actors which made audience emotionally connect to the message that they deliver and come out with positive verdict but ‘Rangrezz’ fails to do that and hence turns out to be yet another average fare at the box-office.

But some group of audience may appreciate the movie for its fresh concept with respect to Bollywood but I don’t think this movie will yield anything spectacular in terms of collections or awards.

Bottom-line: Rangrezz is a one-time watch especially for its fresh concept and intense pre-interval block.
Movie Review : Rangrezz Movie Review : Rangrezz Reviewed by Zoe on 6:04 AM Rating: 5

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  1. I saw this movie at Wave cinema and found it an okay-ish movie. Though the idea of "friends forever" was just recycled by the film makers. The actors loyal audience would surly watch it.



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