Trailer: Goofy actor kidnapped, taken to Pakistan in ‘Filmistaan’

A goofy Indian actor is kidnapped and held hostage in Pakistan in the trailer of the coming comedy film Filmistaan.

In Mumbai, the affable Bollywood buff and wannabe actor Sunny (Sharib Hashmi), works as an assistant director but fantasizes about becoming a star. He thinks he’s a great actor. Reality is, he hams like there’s no tomorrow. No surprise that at every audition he is summarily thrown out.

Finally, he gets an offer to work on a documentary with an American crew. The shoot takes place in remote areas of Rajasthan, very close to the border with Pakistan.

One day a terrorist group kidnaps Sunny instead of an American crew-member. Sunny finds himself on enemy border amidst guns and pathani-clad guards, who decide to keep him hostage until they locate their original target.

That’s when the India versus Pakistan ideological clash emerges among the ragtag bunch of characters. Who’s the best cricket player: Sachin Tendulkar or Shahid Afridi? And many such quibbles.

'Filmistaan' shows how cinema can be the universal panacea for co-existence. The film is jointly produced by Shyam Shroff, Balkrishna Shroff, Subhash Choudhary, Shaila Tanna and Siddharth Roy Kapur. It is directed by Nitin Kakkar.

'Filmistaan' releases on June 6th, 2014

Watch the trailer below:

Trailer: Goofy actor kidnapped, taken to Pakistan in ‘Filmistaan’ Trailer: Goofy actor kidnapped, taken to Pakistan in ‘Filmistaan’ Reviewed by Zoe on 11:23 AM Rating: 5

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