'Deepika Padukone Has Refined Herself': Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor who is recovering well from her swine flu condition has apparently been praising her contemporary Deepika Padukone a lot in the recent past.

Reportedly, when she was asked about the Bajirao Mastani actress for a recent magazine interview, Sonam made a very candid confession about her frenemy and their career choices. She said, “Well, she’s doing much better than I am. Her career has taken a completely different path from mine.

There’s definite growth in her work, choices and acting. She’s started looking better and she’s dressing better. She’s refined herself. She started off as a raw diamond and now she’s a beautiful piece. It’s fascinating.

 My journey hasn't been as smooth and easy. But I’m trying to get there on a different path. We started off on the same road and went off in different directions.” We love Sonam even more for her being so cool and forthright.
'Deepika Padukone Has Refined Herself': Sonam Kapoor 'Deepika Padukone Has Refined Herself': Sonam Kapoor Reviewed by Zoe on 3:02 AM Rating: 5

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