Salman Khan appoints bodyguards for Elli Avram

Superstar Salman Khan has reportedly been showering his attention on the Swedish actress Elli Avram ever since she entered showbiz.

Elli Avram whose claim to fame has been her stint in ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Salman Khan, has reportedly been at the receiving end of many favours by the big-hearted Salman.

It’s being said that Salman ensured a comfortable stay for Elli at his farmhouse after ‘Bigg Boss 7’ got over in 2013.

“After the show, he made arrangements for her to stay at his farmhouse in Panvel. She lived there for almost five months,” a source is quoted as saying by HT.

Salman also guided Elli in the workouts and gave her career advice.

Later, Salman Khan even made arrangements for Elli to move to Mumbai and be accessible to producers for work.

Now, reports say Salman has also appointed bodyguards for Elli Avram’s safely.

Surely, the girl must be enjoying all the attention.
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