Deepika Padukone and her inspiration for Piku

Actor Deepika Padukone has garnered much praise for her ­portrayal of the girl-next door, struggling to find work-family balance, in the recent hit, Piku. The 29-year-old actor says her inspiration for the role was every woman of today.

"My inspiration for the role in Piku was every woman today, especially those from Delhi, because the story is based on a Delhi family," says Dippy.

She emphasises that every contemporary woman is ­trying to strike a balance between her professional and family life, just like Piku. "At first, it’s Piku’s world and her life… you follow her journey, and see how she tries to multi-task and find a balance.

Then you realize that this is what every woman is trying to do. Most of the women go to work and have a home to manage. All our mothers, daughters and wives are juggling between all of this, and are also trying to find time for themselves… striving to be perfect in everything they do. So Piku for me is a story of all our lives," she says. 
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