Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor

It’s never safe when you’re asked to compare your girl with your ex and you end up letting wrong things slip

Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif seems to be a never ending battle. And the one person who almost always ends up in a sticky situation is Ranbir Kapoor, even though the actor has confirmed that he’s tying the knot with his lady love by the end of next year. The poor guy found himself in sticky situation yet again. And this time it was his Bombay Velvet co-star, Karan Johar who put him in a tight spot.

At a recent interview, KJo donned his hosting hat on and started quizzing Ranbir along with Anushka Sharma and Anurag Kashyap. While he was in one of his rapid fire rounds, he asked the Kapoor lad to choose between Deepika and Katrina in terms of looks and acting. Obviously he went with his current flame in both departments but not without feeling a little uncomfortable and awkward.

His discomfort became even more obvious when he started ranting further about Ms Kaif making a fool of himself; so much so that it needed to be edited.

We are wondering what Ranbir has to say to Karan about the whole incident; or would he be too cross with KJo to say anything at all? We’ll find out soon!
Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor Deepika Padukone vs Katrina Kaif: Ranbir Kapoor Reviewed by Zoe on 2:07 PM Rating: 5

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