Movie Review : Piku

Movie : Piku

Rating :  ****

Cast : Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan

Director : Shoojit Sircar

New Delhi : -
Piku is like a ferry that rides smooth river with little watery waves tickling its way, creating a bit of trouble for the driver (who is Deepika Padukone in this), but mesmerizing all who are watching it.

It’s about a brilliant father-daughter relationship which had disappeared from our industry in last few decades. If you remember DDLJ, there was a proud father Amrish Puri telling her daughter Jaa Simran Jaa; well, that is certainly not the case with Piku, here is a proud father (Amitabh Bachchan) who is convincing her daughter that marriage is a waste of time.

The film is not just about that it comes with disease constipation, when normal people have it we try to deal with it silently, but when constipation has Amitabh Bachchan then you have winner. Well, full marks to director Shoojit Sircar and writer Juhi Chaturvedi for sailing their boat of ideas in a flush that moves the idea of constipation.

Big B plays the character of Bhaskor Banerjee, a cranky old man who is obsessed with his poop and daughter Piku (character played by Deepika Padukone). “Motion Se Hi Sab Emotion Hai” they call it like that.

The father bungles inside the loo, daughter grumbles outside it. Their life finally takes a turn for something better when they decide to take a break and go on a road-trip from mini Kolkata (C.R. Park in Delhi) to the real one in West Bengal, driven by none other than heartthrob Irrfan Khan (Rana Chaudhary).

For a movie that is filled with emotional humor, this is one of the greatest dramas we have seen in our industry. All thanks to room freshener like performances by Amitabh Bachchan – who is unquestionable for his acting talent, Deepika Padukone – who has delivered a decent performance as a bong, definitely Irrfan Khan – who is intense yet pastes a continuous smile on audiences face and very soothing background score which must find a place on MP3 player.

Get set ready for a drive that takes you on a journey with no melodrama, strong female character, brilliant characters and their performances.

Final verdict: Piku presents a very simple plot driven by its characters to sum up a journey filled with unconditional emotions. Do watch it for heart-warming flushhh!.
Movie Review : Piku Movie Review : Piku Reviewed by Zoe on 1:52 PM Rating: 5

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