Salman Khan says ‘Thank You’ to well-wishers !

 Salman Khan’s fans and well-wishers displayed a remarkable show of support for him after his conviction in the 2002 hit-and-run case. The superstar is now thanking them.

On Friday, Salman got a huge reprieve when the Bombay High Court granted him regular bail and suspended his 5-year prison sentence (pending further appeal).

Thousands of fans had gathered outside his Galaxy Apartments residence to show their support. Hundreds were at Bombay High Court, where one fan even tried to commit suicide to show support for Salman.

Overwhelmed with love and outpouring of support, Salman Khan took to Twitter to thank his well-wishers.

The fans, however, must know that the 5-year sentence has only been suspended until further hearing in July. At best, it may be reduced when it comes up for final hearing in High Court. At worst, it may be upheld as it is. So, the reality is that Salman Khan is still not out of the woods.
Salman Khan says ‘Thank You’ to well-wishers ! Salman Khan says ‘Thank You’ to well-wishers ! Reviewed by Zoe on 8:42 AM Rating: 5

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