Rajesh Khanna’s Bungalow Aashirwad To Be Demolished!

Bollywood’s legendry actor Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow in Mumbai, bought by Mangalurean bussinessman Shashi Kiran Shetty after his death, is going to be demolished.

As per reports, The new owner has planned to make  a three-or four-storey building at place.
Rajesh Khanna’s bunglow, 6,500-square-foot property, was reportedly bought for a whopping 90 crores by Mangaluru based bussinessman.

The new owner is planning to keep the name of the Bunglow ‘Ashirwad’ but the structure will be new at all.

The bunglow has a whole history behind it. It was not called ‘Ashirwad’ originally. Rajesh Khanna bought the bungalow from fellow actor Rajendra Kumar, till then the bunglow was known as ‘Dimple.’

The house was considered as a lucky charm for Rajesh Khanna as he delivered 15 hits in a row after buying the house, a record still unbroken.

The bunglow was sold against Rajesh Khanna's last wish. As the  superstar wanted his bunglow to be converted into a museum.

Khanna, a yesteryear superstar, died on July 18, 2012.  The will named his daughters as the legal heirs; Twinkle has been also appointed as executor of the will.

However, Rajesh's long time live in partner Anita Advani had also made a claim over his property.
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