Shah Rukh Khan is a match-fixer

It was love-at-first-sight for Sarthak Kher and a fellow student at the University of Washington. Sarthak wanted the girl as his prom date and decided to ask her favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan, for a little bit of help.

"Sir, please help me ask a girl to prom," Sarthak requested SRK via the social media. He replied in a jiffy. "If I ask her, she won't go out with you... ha ha ha," he guffawed. But Sarthak had an ace up his sleeve. He printed the actor's tweet, stuck it on the back of his car, added some balloons, roses and little gifts as embellishments, and drove around campus behind his girl.

A week later, he told SRK, "Thank you, she said yes!" He has since been posting images of himself and his girl painting the town red. And every picture is accompanied with a thank you to SRK for playing Cupid.

The actor's words of wisdom: "Treat her with dignity, gentleness and love. And don't forget to pepper it with a bit of humour."

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