Bigg Boss 9: Five reasons why this season is a flop show!

Bigg Boss is called the baap of all reality shows for no reason. However, this year the image of India’s most controversial reality shows has taken a beating with the proceedings being rather dull inside the house. Yes, rumours are the TRPs have come down and the makers are in a fix. So much so, that Bigg Boss 9 has scolded the contestants for their lack of creativity and initiative. We did a lowdown on what robbed Bigg Boss of its spice this season…


Along with the theme of Double Trouble, curiosity levels went a lot higher when the new timing of 10.30pm was announced. After witnessing poolside rendezvous, massage sessions, clandestine kisses; the new time slot had generated the impact that there would be more adult content. However, there has been none of that so far. In fact, it has been pretty clean. With this content, Bigg Boss could have easily aired at 9pm, a slot that got them more viewership over the years.


We feel this has been a huge letdown for the audience this season. There are no names on the show, who actually have a pan-India presence or are popular in an infamous manner (read KRK). The only Bollywood presence is in the form of Rimi Sen, who actually doesn’t want to be inside the house! There are not many who actually know about Keith Sequeira, Mandana Karimi, Suyyash Rai or Roopal Tyagi. While the earlier editions had people who were reportedly “out of work” but they had some familiarity. But with no one being aware of the past or present of the current contestants, they have zero curiosity value and have not even build up on it.

Absence of a vamp/villain

Think of the people who achieved stardom after Bigg Boss and you will find your answer. Season nine of Bigg Boss does not have that character who can make all the contestants stand up. Think about Dolly Bindra, Pooja Misrra, Sambhavna Seth or even Gauahar Khan to a certain extent. They lent Bigg Boss the bite that made it an addictive reality show. Guys like Armaan Kohli, Kushal Tandon and Gautam Gulati had too pitched in to make the show a hit one.

Host blues

Many feel that Salman Khan is not in his element this season. The actor is busy with a couple of projects, especially Sultan that needs a lot of his time. Maybe he is just unable to concentrate on the show or maybe he can do little to rouse the rather lethargic contestants. He doesn’t seem to be very excited and the interactions are not much fun.

Miss Goody Two-Shoes syndrome

We are more than two weeks into the competition but everyone still seems to be wearing a mask. They are going out of their way to make everyone comfortable and at ease. Couples are also maintaining a propriety that is quite unexpected in Bigg Boss. With two couples in the show, viewers were expecting a lot more. Other than Rochelle Maria Rao’s slight jealousy towards Mandana Karimi, there is hardly any tension. Only Kishwer Merchantt seems to be breaking free now.
Bigg Boss 9: Five reasons why this season is a flop show! Bigg Boss 9: Five reasons why this season is a flop show! Reviewed by Zoe on 9:34 AM Rating: 5

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