Salman Khan ‘Hopes’ SRK Comes To Bigg Boss 9

Now that Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have apparently become best of friends, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star wants SRK to come on his show Bigg Boss 9. When Salman was asked if there is any possibility that King Khan comes on his show, he said, “I think so. I hope he comes”.

This is not the first time that the Dabangg star has expressed that he wants Shah Rukh to come on his show. He had previously said that SRK is welcomed on his show to promote his upcoming film Dilwale. “I would love him to come and he knows I mean it. If he has the time and wants to come on to the show, he is more than welcome to come and spend some time with the contestants”, he said.

Salman had also said, “I would put it this way. Not that I would love him and want to come on the show and all that because it is carried away in a different thing and there is pressure put on him and all that. So if he is coming he can come, promote, have experiences go and have fun, chit chat with contestants and give them his life’s experience. He has got a lot of experiences in life”. 
Salman Khan ‘Hopes’ SRK Comes To Bigg Boss 9 Salman Khan ‘Hopes’ SRK Comes To Bigg Boss 9 Reviewed by Zoe on 9:14 AM Rating: 5

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