Shah Rukh Khan's New FAN Poster Out

After releasing such an interesting FAN movie motion logo the makers have decided to intrigue more by releasing little special poster that only true fan will understand. And rightly Yash Raj Films have released a character poster of the Gaurav, a character in film Fan who plays Shah Rukh's die hard fan as well as impersonator.

The poster released has Gaurav starring at shrine which he has dedicated to the superstar of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan, it is made of photos, pictures, and paintings on the walls, ceiling, and on furniture, On second look it seems bit scary but the picture is enough to set aside SRK's fans from fanatics.

The picture has message that there is no star without fan and no fan without a star. And the picture has been hastagged as SABSE BADA # Fan GAURAV.

Shah Rukh Khan is quite excited about the film Fan, so much that he tweeted his true feelings out. He tweeted a message to his director that whatever anybody says, he will be honest that whenever he sees film Fan he will feels arrogant and it is due to Maneesh Sharma and team and thanks them for finding him again.

The film Fan is being directed by Maneesh Sharma, director of Band Baaja Baraat. The film Fan has Shah Rukh Khan playing double role of superstar and of the fan.
Insider sources have said that Maneesh lived with idea of making this film from past eight years.
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