Sylvester Stallone’s family was in Haridwar to perform a Shradh!

Sylvester Stallone has a huge fan following in India. When he agreed to do a cameo in Kambhakht Ishq, we were beside ourselves. Till then, we didn’t know that it was a possibility. No wonder that his cameo along with once upon a time Superman Brandon Routh’s were the only highlights of the film apart from Kareena Kapoor’s gorgeous wardrobe. His films are watched by every men with access to TV here and so, we also grieved with him when he lost his son Sage in 2012 to heart attack. Our culture and values have often enamoured and impressed Hollywood natives and guess that’s the reason why his family decided to make a sneaky trip to Haridwar to perform Sage’s Shradh!

No points for guessing that Stallone wasn’t the part of the entourage. That doesn’t surprise us because if he lands in India, he won’t go unnoticed and un-hounded. Guess he wanted to perform the rites with utmost sincerity and peace. According to a daily, Sage’s untimely and sudden death had shaken up Stallone a lot. In fact, he confided in to a Vedic scholar from Rishikesh that he still sees Sage. Apparently, he even wanted to talk to his dead son. Among the many people that he consulted, Prateek Mishrapuri was one who was at that time touring Los Angeles. He admitted that talking to spirits was possible but that would put Sage in much pain. Hence, he advised them to perform a Shradh in Haridwar instead.

Stallone wanted to do it himself since this ritual can only be performed by blood relatives but dropped the plan eventually. In fact, his family also stayed at nondescript hotels so that the media doesn’t get a wind of it! Shradh was performed last week by Stallone’s half-brother Michael, his wife Michelle, and two others and we hope now Sage’s spirit will rest in peace!
Sylvester Stallone’s family was in Haridwar to perform a Shradh! Sylvester Stallone’s family was in Haridwar to perform a Shradh! Reviewed by Zoe on 10:26 AM Rating: 5

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