Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi evicted from the house, not the show

On Tuesday’s episode, Mandana Karimi was evicted from the show and sent out of the house, only to the secret room of Bigg Boss house.

After the Shararati Bachche task, Bigg Boss asked Rimi to name the contestant who performed worst and she named Mandana as she quit the task twice. Hearing her name, Bigg Boss announced that Mandana will be evicted and asked her to pack her bags. The actor, however, was sent to the secret room from where she can see the her co-contestants but they believe that she’s out of the show.

Mandana inside the secret room in Bigg Boss 9 house.

Early in the day, the roles were reversed making Rishabh, Kishwar, Rochelle and Prince the caretakers and Suyyash, Aman, Mandana the kids in the house. From Aman and Suyyash hitting each other with pillows to Digangana throwing a tantrum wanting her hair band back, the kids tried their best to irritate their caretakers. Suyyash claimed that Prince got too physical with him and this sparked an intense argument between the buddies.

When Digangana took the carpet out of the house, Rishabh stopped her from going out. Suyyash said that Digangana was a kid and could do anything she wanted to but Prince claimed that it was against Bigg Boss’ orders to go out of the house. Prince and Suyyash got into an argument once again and when Rishabh intervened, Suyyash asked him to stay out of it.

Seeing Mandana actively participating in the task, Kishwer and Prince claimed that she was simply throwing tantrums and was not unwell the previous day. This infuriated Mandana and she claimed that Prince has physically hurt her.

The housemates finally came to a consensus on the rules and when we finally begin to believe that peace has been restored, Suyyash and Prince got into yet another tiff. While Prince was trying to get Suyyash out of the bedroom, Aman held on to the bedroom door tightly. This annoyed Prince and he claimed unfairness.

When Rochelle tried to pull Mandana’s diaper down, Mandana claimed that Rochelle got physical with her and quit the game out of anger. Irritated with the whole ordeal, Mandana also swore at Prince.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates from the Bigg Boss house.
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