Rs 1 Lakh: Salman Khan’s birthday cake costs!

Salman Khan’s birthday was a lavish starry affair and taking that up several notches was the GIGANTIC cake that stole the limelight even from the superstar.

Yes! The anti-gravity or popularly known as floating cake was the star on the evening of India’s biggest superstar’s birthday. With many pictures flooding the social media, only thing question striked every onlooker, how is this cake floating and who came up with this idea?

Well a source close to the project EXCLUSIVELY spilled the details about the enormous cake that filled many stomachs and hearts that night. Arpita Khan Sharma, who is Salman’s closest sister, booked an order for the cake a week before his birthday with no idea of how the cake would look like. She wanted something extravagant and not seen before. The team then brainstormed for many ideas after which they finalised on this anti-gravity cube cake, which is inspired by GT cakes, a bakery based in the states.

After getting the permissions done, Arpita suggested the different elements on the cake to make it more personalised. Initially there were 300 pictures of Salman Khan that were given to the team out of which they had to chose the best ones to make a fondant from. With just 3 specifications, the team consisting of Pooja and Shikha from the Mish Mash bakery based in Juhu weaved their magic around the 50kgs cake worth over a lakh which was to be cut by Salman on his big day.

So how did the cake float?

It is basically has an internal structure that is made out of metal and wood which balances the entire cake on itself.

A special floating brownie cake that weighed around 50kgs was then carried from Juhu to Panvel in a car and the rest as they say is history.

“2 days, a broken internal structure just before the day of the cake, changing the structure, to the cake turning out to be smaller than the structure just 4 hours before the delivery. Shweta Somaiya working all night on the flowers. And to top the madness we completed the cake stopping the car on the highway with people starring inside the car. And it did not stop here the road to the venue was the highlight bumpy as hell with my rockstar dinesh holding the cake. All is well that ends well. When the person who ordered the cake, the person who cut the cake and the people who made it are content. This cake would not would have been possible without a few so we would like to thank them Priyank Murarka Priyanka Sunita Murarka Renu Murarka Sourabh Mutha,” says a post on the wall of the company on Facebook.

It indeed was a NEVER SEEN BEFORE cake! If you want to order the BHAI-like cake, you know where to go now!

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