LOL! Alia Bhatt hit back at Twitter trolls

Memes on Alia Bhatt spread like wildfire after she gave some weird replies to general knowledge questions asked by Karan Johar on his chat show’ Koffee’. Nevertheless, the young performer didn’t mind any of the Twitter trolls.

Rishi Kapoor is literally the king of taking DIGS at people. And once you’re under his sarcastic enchantment, you will definitely get a taste of how he burns you.

I’d say because he’s so in sync with today’s generation he’s the most amusing veteran performer and Twitter notably!

His tweets consistently manage to garner much attention and it’s worth it. Rishi could really be your daily dose of laughter which you seem to miss due to the rat race. Ok, I’ll cut the praises out and go directly to what he did this time. If you recall, just recently did we post about it being lobbied he took a dig at the awards shows and Parineeti Chopra.

But this one has nothing regarding that. His next goal is Alia Bhatt. As he’s, technically she’s not a goal as much.

So a man put up a vintage image of Rishi Kapoor, presumably from his Bobby days and captioned it, “Alia Bhatt in 1970.” Wow! Looks like someone took a dig in the King of digs! However, Rishi also knows how to take jokes and he answered, “Uproarious. I’m Alia Bhatt in1970s lol.”

Even I would’ve gone lol if I were tagged in this kind of image. Astonishingly, the similarity is quite a lot. Maybe Rishi also understood that and therefore he went together with the joke. This merely shows that the witty humorous Rishi is sporty also!
LOL! Alia Bhatt hit back at Twitter trolls LOL! Alia Bhatt hit back at Twitter trolls Reviewed by Zoe on 9:23 AM Rating: 5

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