Ranveer Singh just found his partner in Sonakshi Sinha!

You all might be knowing by now that Ranveer Singh is a big time entertainer but at the same time he is also quite self obsessed. We do not kid you here when we say this. We’ve seen instances when Singh just couldn’t help but swoon over himself. 

So much that he even stitched a suit with his initials customized on it. And along with the suit came the famous cap as well! The Befikre actor cannot go anywhere without his string of caps, yes? So therefore he even made sure that he customized a cap of himself. But guess what, we just found another B-Town celebrity who is set to give him some tough competition in this self obsession war!

And it’s non other than his Lootera co-star Sonakshi Sinha! Sona just a few hours ago shared this picture of herself wearing a bling cap with ‘Asli Sona’ imprinted on it. Now I don’t need to explain it but doesn’t it look a lot like one of those badass wall graffitis that we find in the cities. The actor even captioned it as “#aslisona #swag #customizedcap” 

Well, the picture really didn’t need any caption as these hashtags explained it all. Looks like Ranveer Singh’s self obsession aura sure rubbed against Asli Sona as well. But she does look cute, don’t you think? You know what would be freakin’ awesome now? If Sonakshi and Ranveer meet each other wearing their respective caps, don’t you think?
Ranveer Singh just found his partner in Sonakshi Sinha! Ranveer Singh just found his partner in Sonakshi Sinha! Reviewed by Zoe on 7:42 AM Rating: 5

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