Chocolate statue for Rajinikanth

A life-size statue of the actor stands at Zuka in Mylapore

Rajinikanth has long proven that he can pull off any outfit in style. But there’s something about thalaivar and the suit — remember his black suit in Baasha? Or the white one in Dharmathin Thalaivan? And now he’s tried on a chocolate suit, complete with white chocolate dusting. He stands at the entrance of Zuka in Mylapore in all his chocolaty glory, a book in hand.

Not just the suit, he’s made of chocolate too — the life-size statue of Rajini at the café is a fan’s heartfelt rendition of his hero.

“It took us 168 hours and 600 kg of chocolate to make it,” says Srinath Balachandran, the managing director. Modelled on a still from Kabali, the statue is a little over 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Sporting dapper shades, salt-and-pepper hair, and that white beard that all of us love on Rajini, the statue has an arm casually resting in his pocket, revealing a watch made of white chocolate on the wrist.

The statue has been grabbing eyeballs across Tamil Nadu. Srinath says that he was surprised to receive calls from fan associations from as far as Madurai and Tiruchi, asking about the chocolate Rajini. “Ideally,” he says, “I would like to gift it to thalaivar.”
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