SRK: I have seen too many failures to get disturbed!

For the very first time in a long long time we saw a Shah Rukh Khan film not doing well at the box office. Fan directed by Maneesh Sharma was one of its kind film where the protagonist and antagonist both was played by Shah Rukh himself.

A film that was made on the lives of millions of fans all over the world was expected to fare well at the box office with the kind of buzz it generated before its release. However, when the numbers actually came, it was evident that the film disappointed masses. Although SRK before the release of the film mentioned that box office numbers don’t hold any importance in his life, the failure of a film certainly does. The actor expressed his feelings in an interview with a leading daily and this is what he has to say:

“Yes, losing can become very personal. I deal with it by genuinely closing up and becoming very quiet, and spending a lot of time with myself and my kids. But then, sometimes, I also get scared, because I don’t want to transfer that sadness to them; they can sense it. But my sadness is never a result of my failure at the box office.

I feel really sad when I am unable to deliver something to so many people who I am emotionally important for. It is like telling my son that I will have lunch with him, and then not turning up on time because I got stuck. I don’t feel it (the sadness) because Rs. 200 crore nahin hua (my movie couldn’t make Rs. 200 crore). People assume I must be worried. But it (film-making) is a business, and it gets by. I have seen too many failures to get disturbed. But yes, the disheartening part of failure still hurts.”
SRK: I have seen too many failures to get disturbed! SRK: I have seen too many failures to get disturbed! Reviewed by Zoe on 10:06 AM Rating: 5

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