Salman Khan-Bipasha Basu FLIRT, Karan Singh Grover Laughs!

The newlyweds shared a very comfortable rapport with Salman Khan when we went on stage to wish them!

Bipasha Basu and Salman Khan did only one film together, No Entry. However the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor has endeared himself to the Bong bombshell so much, that the new bride was all over him when he came to wish her and Karan Singh Grover on stage!

Salman Khan is a darling to many, thanks to his warm and friendly nature with the people with whom he share a very good rapport! This was evident yesterday as well, when Bipasha Basu kept on hugging Salman, sometimes even forgetting KSG was there by the side as well. Such is the power of Bhai’s charm!

The photographers were asking Salman for bytes, but Bipasha tried to avert them. Salman only spoke about wishing the couple.

Later when they came out of the venue, when reporters asked about when Salman is about to get married (Seriously people? If he had to get married, he would have already been married!), Bipasha replied on his behalf, saying that he should never get married. When KSG told her it’s quite rude to say that, she said he is nice to all girls so it doesn’t matter if he gets married or not! Strange reason to not getting married!

She also mentioned that her life’s biggest wish has got fulfilled, not because hse got married, but that Salman Khan had come to her marriage!

Later, she also mentioned Salman Khan is accompanying them on their honeymoon trip in jest, with Karan Singh Grover giving out a gleeful WHOO!

Make what you want of the below videos….

Salman Khan-Bipasha Basu FLIRT, Karan Singh Grover Laughs! Salman Khan-Bipasha Basu FLIRT, Karan Singh Grover Laughs! Reviewed by Zoe on 10:21 AM Rating: 5

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