Is Arjun Rampal the 'RA.One'?

This is NOT Arjun Rampal in ‘RA.One’!

Yesterday we showed you the first look of the bad man in Shahrukh Khan’s superhero film, the one that has been fiercely protected as if it’s a national secret. 

And we wondered if it was the real thing. Now Arjun Rampal tells us that it is only his look in the game, not in the film. See, we were right!

The look of the title character of Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One, the film that he is so hectically promoting, is still under wraps. We did show you the picture that has been doing the rounds, but speculated whether it was the real thing or from the game. 

 And we were spot on – it is not what Arjun Rampal looks like in the movie. As he himself has tweeted, “Saw an image of myself in a paper claiming its my look, it’s my look in the game not the real deal. Images of real Ra 1 out in 2 days.” 

There have been speculations, some fueled by King Khan himself, saying that he is feeling insecure that Rampal will steal the thunder from him. 

Rumours roiled that Rampal had got his head shaved to play the role which will catapult him into the baddie big league in Bollywood. Rampal as RA.One – even in just the game – does make a great impression, making the blue-eyed G.One (played by Shahrukh) pale in comparison. 

What do you think?
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