Salman To Become Superhero In Sher Khan

The word superhero conjures up an image of a beefed-up hunk with undies over his skinsuit and a cape that unfurls as HE zips through the air to save the ladylove and slay the baddie. But Salman Khan is all set to defy this stereotype.

He is set to be a superhero out of the ordinary in brother Sohail Khan’s film Sher Khan, at last green-lit recently by Sallu himself. We hear that it would be a film aimed at kids and Salman will play a superhero very unlike the Krrishs or G.Ones we have seen and loved.

Rumi Jaffery, who has written dialogues and screenplay for a few films starring Salman Khan, has been pencilled in to create a screenplay for Sher Khan. The film, Rumi reveals, will have the superstar Khan doing action of a different kind than we have seen in film after film.

“He will be a hero that kids can identify with. The action scenes won't have him beating up a dozen goons single-handedly. He has done these things many times before,” Rumi Jaffery is quoted to have said in an interview.

We hear that Salman Khan will learn a south Indian martial art (probably Kalaripayattu) for his role in the movie. The actor’s leading lady in the film hasn’t been finalized yet, but the buzz is that the makers are looking out for a fresh face.

Sher Khan will go on the floors in October. The film will also have Salman sporting a new look, long hair et al.
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