Raanjhanaa' new song ‘Tu Mun Shudi’

One of the main highlights of the movie Raanjhanaa is its music, composed by AR Rahman. The Oscar-winning composer has indeed worked his mojo once again in the tracks like Tum Tak and Raanjhanaa title track. The new song of the film to release is Tu Mun Shudi. Let’s find out what this song, featuring all the three actors -- Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol and Dhanush, has to offer.

Unlike the previous romantic tracks which were as colourful as the bylanes of the mystic city Banaras, Tu Mun Shudi is serious, poignant, and appears as a situational track. One sees Abhay Deol as the dynamic young leader trying to solve the problems of aam janta, and he is well supported by his youth wing that also has Sonam Kapoor as a member.

The video of the track also focuses on Sonam’s adoration towards Abhay. But what clicks with you instantly is the starting of the video when both Dhanush and Abhay are shown dashing through the crowd on the streets. While the former is enjoying the moment and is playing Holi, the latter is trying to escape the police. Thus, parallels are drawn between the two heroes! Who will get the heroine?

Tu Mun Shudi establishes Abhay Deol’s character in Raanjhanaa clearly. Till now, he was only seen in the trailer of the movie. The track establishes him as a fierce and robust young politician.

Coming to the track, sung by Rabbi Shergill and AR Rahman himself, Tu Mun Shudi is about the strong will power to bring about a change. The song has its chorus in Persian and the rest of the lyrics in Punjabi. It is unique, and purely situational.

Watch the track Tu Mun Shudi featuring Sonam Kapoor, Dhanush and Abhay Deol:

Raanjhanaa' new song ‘Tu Mun Shudi’ Raanjhanaa' new song ‘Tu Mun Shudi’ Reviewed by Zoe on May 30, 2013 Rating: 5

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