Anushka Sharma’s 13 changes for her ‘Bombay Velvet’ look

Anushka Sharma likes to call herself carefree, but when it comes to her roles she could be meticulous to a fault. The actress actually made 13 changes during her look test for Anurag Kashyap’s ambitious project, Bombay Velvet.

Anurag Kashyap has started working on his Bombay Velvet, which also stars Ranbir Kapoor opposite Anushka Sharma. A few days back, Anushka was spotted at Anurag’s office and gave the look tests and costume trials. The director was there for the entire process while Anushka tried out as many as 13 looks for the film.

“She gave several look tests and slipped in and out of different tops and jeans to figure out a look for her in the film,” a source is quoted as saying. Actually, Anushka’s look will seek inspiration from the retro fashion in the film as both Ranbir and Anushka play lovers whose lives intermingle with the evolution of the city of Bombay through the 50s to early 70s.

The movie is set against the backdrop of love, greed, violence and jazz, and it seems Anushka’s role and look has to do with the music scene of the city at that time. Till now, in most of her films, Anushka Sharama was seen in contemporary looks, but in her upcoming two films, she is going to experiment with her style.

Her film with Aamir Khan, Peekay has her sporting chopped short hair, and Bombay Velvet too will see her in varied looks as the movie chronicles the changing face of the metropolis over the period of two decades.

Ranbir Kapoor is also busy training in Multiple Martial Arts for the movie. While the cast has started their intense preparations, the director is all set to recreate Bombay in Sri Lanka. Bombay Velvet goes on the floors mid-July. It will release on Christmas 2014.
Anushka Sharma’s 13 changes for her ‘Bombay Velvet’ look Anushka Sharma’s 13 changes for her ‘Bombay Velvet’ look Reviewed by Zoe on June 14, 2013 Rating: 5

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