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April 29, 2009

Sanjay Dutt offers to kiss Mayawati, gets FIR

Sanjay Dutt offers to kiss Mayawati, gets FIR
Sanjay Dutt offers to kiss Mayawati, gets FIR

Actor Sanjay Dutt ran into trouble again on Saturday when he was booked on obscenity charges for allegedly offering to kiss and hug UP chief
minister Mayawati in a "jaadu ki jhappi".

"A case has been registered against the film star and SP leader Sanjay Dutt for making derogatory and undignified remarks against chief minister Mayawati during an election rally held at KP Hindu College ground on April 16," a senior police officer said.

During the rally in Pratapgarh, Dutt allegedly said he "will give 'jaadu ki jhappi and pappi' (magical hug and kiss) to the people of Pratapgarh and given a chance "will do the same to chief minister and BSP supremo Mayawati".

Mel Gibson and Girlfriend Step Out on Red Carpet

Mel Gibson and Girlfriend Step Out on Red Carpet

As Mel Gibson brought ‘the other woman’ Oksana Grigorieva to the debut of the latest X-Men movie Tuesday night, it also makes clear that his divorce is something that’s been probably a given for a long time. The Russian composer Oksana is seperated but not yet divorced from James Bond actor Timothy Dalton ex., so both her and Gibson had good reason to keep their relationship quiet for as long as possible. The two are speculated to have originally met through business, as Grigorieva is signed to Gibson’s Icon Records. It seems though the blurry but highly publicized photos of the two together,in Costa Rica may have ended the secret and pushed Gibson’s wife Robyn to seek divorce.

Court papers indicate Gibson separated from his wife more than two and a half years ago, just weeks after the star’s anti-semitic tirade against Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies. The incident apparently was the last straw to his marriage but it was kept under wraps, likely because it might have dealt his image a damaging double blow at a time when he needed everything possible spinning positive. is herself said separated from Dalton.

Now that Gibson’s wife has forced the matter into the public eye, Mel seems to have used this red carpet non interview situation to bring everything out in the open. His divorce from Robyn is said to be amicable (right now) and Gibson and his new love seem ready to move on with their lives.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Get Married In Pasadena

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Get Married In Pasadena
Heidi and Spencer threw a reception for their 200 guests at Social Hollywood for their wedding reception. The couple had said their vows at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif earlier in the day. Heidi turned up at the event in a shorter white dress after taking her wedding dress off when she stopped at Beverly Wilshire Hotel after the wedding. The guests dined on fruity margaritas and snacked on appetizers like tuna tartare and chicken salad the wedding cake was in spring colors of greens and yellows. After the reception the married couple kept the party going but with a few guests back at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
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Priyanka Chopra's mystery boyfriend!

Priyanka Chopra's mystery boyfriend!She has been linked with three actors - Hurman S. Baweja, Shahid Kapur and Hollywood star Gerard Butler of "300" fame - all within a span of one year, but the mystery behind Bollywood's svelte actress Priyanka Chopra's actual love interest continues.

The rumour mills started working overtime after Butler, whom she met at the launch of the Atlantis hotel in Dubai last year, was quoted as saying in a leading daily: "I don't mind getting married to an Indian girl. Too bad Priyanka already has a boyfriend".

Now, who that boyfriend is, remains to be known.

Though rumours of a romantic liaison between Shahid and Priyanka have been in the grapevine lately after their joint appearance at filmmaker Tarun Mansukhani's birthday party in Mumbai last week, neither has confirmed the development.

The two will be seen together in Vishal Bharadwaj's "Kaminay".

"Priyanka has always maintained silence on her private affairs. Till date, she has never gone public about her personal life and she will continue to do so, " a source close to the actress told.

Even when news of her affair with her "Love Story 2050" co-star Hurman was doing the rounds, Priyanka remained politically correct. While Hurman was very vocal about their relationship as well as their break-up, the supermodel-turned-actress chose not to speak about it.

Now, the news about the friendship between Priyanka and Butler, who is currently in Jaipur, is raising eyebrows.

But the source clarifies: "He (Butler) is in Jaipur with four of his friends as part of an India tour.

"He came to Jaipur and knew that Priyanka was shooting and staying at Shiv Vilas for her film 'What's Your Rashee?'.

So he came to the sets to meet her as they are good friends and to see what an Indian film shoot looks like. He also met all important people on the sets and was also introduced to Ashutosh (Gowariker) and Hurman. Priyanka and him are just friends only, " the source said.

Butler, who played the role of King Spartan in "300", has also been linked to former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, which he has denied.

Will it be Robert Pattinson against Channing Tatum in Twilight saga’s ‘Eclipse’?

Will it be Robert Pattinson against Channing Tatum in Twilight saga’s ‘Eclipse’?

Twilight’s sexy vampire Robert Pattinson is to face serious competition. His competitor: “Figting” man with killer physique Channing Tatum. Yes. The former model, who had worked for clients such as Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch, is being seriously considered by “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg who says that she “desperately” wants Tatum for the part of vampire “Rile” in the third Twilight movie “Eclipse.”

Pattinson, with his iconic good looks, has become one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars after he landed the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the mega hit “Twilight.” He has become a heartthrob of millions worldwide, and being the competitor of this young Brit will not be easy. However, like Rob, 29-year old Tatum too has his career rocketing with the lead role in “Fighting,” “Dear John,” and this summer’s big-budget movie “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.” Besides, he plays Pretty Boy Floyd in Johnny Depp’s 1930s gangster drama “Public Enemies.”

Tatum’s acting experiences till date make him a good fit for the role of the nasty vampire in “Eclipse.” Rosenberg said “There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well,” adding “And there are some complexities to that character. He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

If Tatum accepts the role of Rile, he will be joining Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Michael Sheen, Peter Facinelli, and Dakota Fanning who make up the core cast of the Twilight saga.

Though possible on screen rivals, Tatum and Rob share a few common traits. They are both quiet, introspective and unassuming. And both are basking in stardom. But “Eclipse” may pit these two against each other in a screen fight both dramatic and dangerous.

Mel Gibson and his new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva comes out together in public

Mel Gibson and his new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva comes out together in public

It has been a little more than two weeks when Mel Gibson’s wife filed for a divorce. Then, there were talks about the actor and his new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Tuesday night, the 53-year-old Hollywood actor made a rare public appearance with Oksana at the L.A. industry screening for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine.’

Mel Gibson was wearing a black suit with a dark gray shirt. He and his 39-year-old singer girlfriend stepped out hand in hand as they walked the carpet before taking seat inside the screening at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. According to a source, the couple went in quietly and kept a low-key.

Mel has been single for almost three years and it’s nice to see him getting out and enjoying himself,” said Gibson’s representative. The actor attended the screening on invitation of Fox Chairman James Gianopoulos and Wolverine producers Richard and Lauren Donner and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman.

Nat and Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band Love Kristen Stewart

Nat and Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band Love Kristen Stewart

The Naked Brothers Band’s young members Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff have revealed in a recent interview that both the guys have a crush on the very beautiful Kristen Stewart. “Kristen was really hot and amazingly sexy in that movie ‘Adventureland‘”, said the 14 year old Nat about the Twilight beauty.

The 11 year old Alex also supported his older brother and added, “Yes, she’s amazing!“. The younger one seems more in love with Stewart as he has seen more of her movies. “I saw ‘Twilight,’ but Nat didn’t. I’ve seen more of her movies, so she’s mine. Kristen Stewart for me, Jessica Biel for Nat. Hear that, Kristen Stewart? I’ve got dibs on you!“, added Alex with a laugh.

The two brother, Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff, formed this pop/rock band named as the Naked Brothers Band. The band is based on the popular Nickelodeon’s film, “The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie” and TV series “The Naked Brothers Band“. David Levi, Thomas Batuello, Allie DiMeco, Qaasim Middleton, and Kristina Reyes are the other band members.

Music, spotlight and groove: Robin Thicke’s Official After Party at Chicago Night Club

Music, spotlight and groove: Robin Thicke’s Official After Party at Chicago Night Club

Shortly after midnight, Saturday April 25, Robin Thicke reached his official After Party thrown by Shon-Gale Events and Publicity, LLC, Wind Tunnel Entertainment, Intertwine Chicago, and Patrick Entertainment. The event followed Robin Thicke’s concert with Jennifer Hudson at Arie Crown, which turned out a huge success.

On reaching the party, Robin was smiling, and stopping at intervals to take photos with guests. He took photos with Robin Robinson of Fox News, Shon Peebles and Gale Farley of Shon-Gale Events and Publicity, Ron Blanchard of Wind Tunnel Entertainment, and Tamara Allen of Intertwine Chicago in front of sponsor, First Choice Media, banner. Before heading to his table, Robin also shook hands with those in VIP including Chicago Defender staff (sponsor), Shirey Cadillac rep (sponsor), Jennifer Day of First Choice Media (sponsor), and Stacy of Stacy Bowie Designs. Fans too got a chance to pose with their brown-eyed heart throb.

Robin was escorted to his place in VIP and treated to a gourmet. He listened to Universal artist Melanie Fiona, and then performed himself. The crowd went wild, and the singer reached down to hug a few
fans. Robin was enjoying his party as much as his fans and grooved with them to the music beats. The party for Robin continued for three hours after which he left as graciously as he has entered. While leaving too, he shook hands and took photos with fans. Wow! what a night for Robin Thicke fans!

Lindsay Lohan shows interest in Leonardo DiCaprio

Lindsay Lohan shows interest in Leonardo DiCaprioLooks like Lindsay Lohan has had enough of women, for she is now turning her attention to men, and the latest guy she’s interested in is none other than Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star, who has recently spilt with lesbian lover Sam Ronson, was spotted flirting with the ‘Titanic’s actor before getting up to dance in front of him.

Lindsay spotted Leo at Hollywood hotspot My House on April 15, and indulged in cosy chat with the 34year-old star.

“As soon as Lindsay saw Leo she was like a bee to honey,” British tabloid The Sun quoted a source as saying.

“She was going for the big catch and when she spotted him in a dark corner of the club she headed straight for him.

“She quickly monopolised his conversation and made sure she had him all to herself.

“Lindsay is a sharp tac. She wasn’t wasting her time chatting up small fish. She seemed interested in the gents with deeper pockets, probably because her career is on a downward trajectory.

“The pair were cosied up together deep in conversation. She definitely tickled his fancy,” the source added.

Later in the night, after a few drinks and more of flirting, Lindsay took to the dance floor to show off her moves.

The eyewitness said: “It was a bit shocking when she got up and started dancing in front of him but he seemed to be enjoying it.”

DiCaprio has earlier dated supermodels Helena Christensen and Gisele Bundchen, and he is currently going around with Israeli catwalk star Bar Rafaeli.

Rihanna seen with hottie in Barbados

Rihanna seen with hottie in Barbados
Ever wondered why Rihanna spends so much time in Barbados? The answer is simple: she’s backin her country to avoid being subpoena’ed by the LA court, which would force her to testify against Chris Brown.

I’m guessing that the hottie we’ve seen her wit is also a motive for her to be staying longer in her homeland.

April 28, 2009

Fardeen Khan fulfills dad’s wish

Fardeen Khan fulfills dad’s wishSon Fardeen Khan fulfilled a wish of his actor-filmmaker dad Feroz Khan just days before he passed away,

On Sunday night the veteran of films like ‘Qurbani’ and ‘Jaanbaaz’, died after a prolonged battle with cancer.

And Fardeen and sister Laila have been with their father all the while he was undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s Breach Candy hospital till recently

While at the hospital a few days back, the actor known for his unique style statements and his unflagging love for animals expressed his wish to visit his farmhouse in Bangalore to be with his pet animals, mainly horses and dogs.

Since his health was poor, the doctors were reluctant to give permission for a long journey but son Fardeen found a way.

While he waited for his dad’s condition to improve so that he can be discharged from the hospital, he made arrangements for a special chartered flight to Bangalore.

Last doctors gave Feroz the go-ahead for a short trip to Bangalore and on Friday morning, Fardeen, accompanied by nurses, flew his father to the farmhouse.

Feroz Khan got to spend nearly three days at his farm with his beloved animals before he breathed his last after midnight on Sunday.

So beta Fardeen really did his job really well. Kudos to that.

Akshay Kumar to grow his Beard Full-Length to play Sikh in Deepa Mehta’s Film

Akshay Kumar to grow his Beard Full-Length to play Sikh in Deepa Mehta’s FilmAfter the furore that was raised over the apology of a beard that Akshay Kumar sported as a Sikh in Anees Bazmi’s Singh Is Kinng, Akshay Kumar is taking no chances.

For the role of the real-life Sardarji who sailed in the fateful ship named Kamagata Maru from Hong Kong to Vancouver in 1914, Akshay is taking no chances.

He’ll grow the beard to the size stipulated by the Sikh community before plunging into the role in January 2010.

In fact the actor, smarting undrr the attack he faced for his improper beard length in Bazmi’s bearded burlesque has this time decided to set aside all his assignments for Kamagata Maru to avoid continuity clashes with other projects.

Says Deepa, “Akshay is so amazing. Considering he has so much work on hand I was surprised when he absolutely insisted on growing a full-length beard. One of the reasons I postponed Kamagata Maru to to next year was so that Akshay would be able to block an entire chunk of dates for my film and keep the beard. I was very sure that I didn’t want him for a month and then return with a false beard and finish my film. It’s very important for actors to respect continuity. That’s the only way to work.”

Deepa saw Akshay Kumar play a Sardar in Singh Is Kinng before casting him in Kamagata Maru. “I thought he made a very good Sardar. He has a very Panju-Sardar look. Akshay has to play a 48-year old Sardar. And he’s absolutely fine with a salt-and-pepper beard.”

“Akshay is also the film’s producer along with my life partner David Hamilton, so his interest in the film is very very deep,” says Deepa.

Post the fiasco that’s Chandni Chowk to China Akshay Kumar is also counting on converting his comic currency into something more compelling and enduring.

According to Deepa, Akshay Kumar will be seen in a completely non-comic serious and politically profound role in Kamagata Maru.

“Five years ago Akshay was completely ready to transform his image in Water when he was to play the Gandhian reformist. The role in Kamagata Maru is far more challenging.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh to endorse Morellato watches

Neil Nitin Mukesh to endorse Morellato watchesNeil Nitin Mukesh is in the news for various reasons these days. Be it his latest film ADZ or he going nude for his character in Madhur Bhandarkar's JAIL. Now the latest is that an Italian company, Morellato Watches, a Life Style brand, have come down to India and they have roped in Neil Nitin Mukesh to endorse the brand, the reason they roped him is because Neil has got the looks of an international star and with his stubble's he looks rugged.

The brand was particularly looking for the tough look and that's the reason they did not settle with any chocolate looking Bollywood star as they wanted to maintain the brand image in an international market also. Since the brand has a strong presence in international market they wanted a star who would be young and would look like an Italian or a Mexican and who other then Neil could be better.

Saif swears by Raghavan's magic

Saif swears by Raghavan's magicSaif Ali Khan cannot forget his experience of working with master craftsman Sriram Raghavan, who directed him in the film EK HASINA THI for which chote nawab received some critical acclaim. Perhaps this was the reason he decided to produce a film under his banner and give Sriram Raghavan the reigns of direction again.

Now, the latest is that Saif is taking more interest in Raghavan's film than he's doing in his other projects. Though the shoot of the film has not begun, but reports say Saif pays special attention to his pet project and is ready to go to any extent to help the director make the most of the film.

Well, looks like Raghavan's magic has cast a spell on Saif who's more concerned about AGENT VINOD than the projects he's currently doing.

Guess who's Ram Gopal Varma's 'Paritala Ravi'

Guess who's Ram Gopal Varma's 'Paritala Ravi'
A few days back we had informed about Ram Gopal Varma's next film after RANN titled RAKTA CHARITRA. It's inspired by the story of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh who got assassinated in January 2005. So, like any other movie, the hunt for the right actor for the character was on. It has come to knowledge from reliable sources that RGV has found his actor in Vivek Oberoi to play Paritala Ravi.

''After thinking hard on every actor both known and unknown I have finally zeroed in on Vivek Oberoi as the most ideal choice to play Paritala Ravi. He has remarkable intensity in his eyes which I noticed in the making of COMPANY, a voice which commands attention, an arrogance in his demeanour, an enormous power in his stance, and also a certain vulnerability which makes one instantly warm up to him, which is what is needed to fit in a role of Paritala Ravi's profile'', quoted RGV.

''After a rough look-test done and when I saw the approximation of how Vivek could look like in different phases of Ravi's life, from being a rebel in the jungles to a political strong-arm man, I was absolutely convinced that my search ended'', he concluded.

Nandana Sen turns down Hollywood projects

Nandana Sen turns down Hollywood projects
Nandana Sen was in news as she just turned down two Hollywood Projects. Clearing the air sources close to Nandana say, ''She rejected those movies as they had few nude sequences to be shot and she wasn't comfortable shooting for those sequences.''

Nandana is back into action when she turned down another film. She was offered the protagonist's role in an Italian film based on a story by Mahasweta Devi, CHOLI KE PEECHE, directed by Italo Spinelli, produced by RAI, and shot by Blasco Giurardo, the cinematographer of Cinema Paradiso. Nandana rejected to do this movie as it again contained Nudtiy scenes. Although it's a powerful story and the script is brilliant but Nandana had no other option than rejecting this International flick. Nandana decided not to play this part because she felt the subject matter is such that the nudity cannot be avoid from becoming unintentionally voyeuristic and eroticized even though that is definitely not the objective.

Ranbir lied to Deepika to meet Sonam?

Ranbir lied to Deepika to meet Sonam? It seems the relationship between Bollywood’s young heart throbs couple is going through tough times. But being the good actors that they are, they are not making it visible on their cute faces. We are talking about Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

A close pal of the couple reveals, “Last week Deepika Padukone was to join Ranbir for going to Dostana director Tarun Mansukhani’s birthday party at late night.

Since she got stuck due to her work commitments (shooting of Excel Entertainment’s Kartik Calling Kartik), Ranbir told her he would go alone to the party. But despite telling her so, he didn’t go their.

Instead he chose to attend another party that had his debut film Saawariya heroine Sonam Kapoor and her good friend Kunal Kapoor. He didn’t tell this to Deepika who was well under the impression for days that he was at Tarun’s party.

The birthday party saw new love birds Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra making and entry and exit together publicly for the first time. John Abraham and Bipasha Basu too came in for the bash.

When Deepika came to know about Ranbir’s lie, it is learnt that she lambasted him over the phone while he kept giving her excuses such as how it was all a last minute change in his plan etc.”

Now when we encountered Deepika Padukone at the latest Filmfare magazine issue launch and asked her about any strains in relationship happening between her and Ranbir, she questioned us back with a smile, “Do I appear hassled to you?”

Well certainly not Deepika but it is also true that you are a very fine actress.

Just days back, Ranbir’s sister Riddhima told to a news channel journo on TV that she doesn’t think Deepika is Ranbir’s girlfriend and that she knows Deepika Padukone only as one of his good friends.

With news of Ranbir Kapoor striking great rapport on and off the sets with his Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani co-star Katrina Kaif, we wont be left wondering when Deepika Padukone also starts losing sleep just like Salman Khan is over his partner.

Priyanka Chopra turns down Sonia Gandhi’s offer

Priyanka Chopra turns down Sonia Gandhi’s offerBefore Sanjay Nirupam was fielded as the Congress I candidate to fight BJP’s veteran Ram Nayak for this year’s Lok Sabha elections, the Congress was very keen to put up the much-in-the-news Priyanka Chopra in place of Govinda.

According to very reliable sources the discussions had gone very much ahead. “The Congress wanted a glamorous and younger Bollywood candidate after Govinda for the prestigious Mumbai North constituency.

Someone who would connect with the young urban youth of the nation. Initially Priyanka Chopra didn’t say no. But then her bulk of film-related work got the better of her.

Shooting day and night and then putting in months of gruelling election campaigning and devoting quality and quantity time to her constituency seemed a bit much for Priyanka Chopra. She finally had to say no, although Soniaji was very keen.”

The Congress I could’ve acquired itself another pretty and articulate Priyanka Chopra. Sadly it didn’t happen.

For now Priyanka Gandhi would have to be content being the prettiest and most glamorous member of the Congress party.

While the actress, finally on a much-needed sabbatical after the exhausting schedule of What’s Your Raashee remains tightlipped about her congress with politics, a close friend says, “Priyanka doesn’t rule out politics in the future.

But this time she is neither contesting nor campaigning for any candidate. Besides her schedules taking over Govinda’s constituency seemed a rather daunting task to Priyanka Chopra.”

April 26, 2009

I am in a Relationship: Samir Kochar

I am in a Relationship: Samir KocharSAMIR KOCHCHAR tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that though he is hosting IPL Season 2, any day he prefers to take up acting rather than anchoring, though he is comfortable as far as anchoring is concerned.

You are one of the hosts for the current Indian Premier League Season 2. How do you feel?
It is the kind of been there done it sort of euphoria for me, because I had hosted the IPL Season 1 too last year.

When did your association with sports really begin as a host?
I had hosted a show called Full Toss on Hungama TV when the channel was launched. It was an indoor cricket tournament for kids. In fact, my association with sports as an anchor really began then.

How did you bag the offer to play the host for IPL Season 1?
It was when the channel Sony called me up and offered me the show as a host that I decided to give IPL Season 1 a shot. It is exciting to be a live sports broadcaster. It is what I call a Bollywood meets cricket show. I will be there as an actor who loves the game and also knows how to anchor. You cannot have an actor who just cannot talk impromptu while hosting a cricket show.

How did you prepare yourself to be the host of IPL?
To prepare myself as a host, for the IPL Season 1, I had to learn a lot about cricket, because I had played football for Delhi Zonal 11. I will host the first part of the tournament from Mumbai and the second part from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Prettoria and Durban. For the first time I will be there on the greens with all the panelists. Having hosted IPL Season 1 earlier, I now have to see that I do not repeat the mistakes that I had committed earlier, like fumbling at times.

Do you think it is a cake walk to be the host of a show like IPL Season 2?
It will not be a cake walk but very stressful for me because my director will be on the ear piece and not in front of me. Even though I have had the experience of having hosted the first season, before the match starts, butterflies will be there in my stomach this time too.

What was your reaction when you were offered the show for the second time too?
I felt happy, thrilled and blessed to have been chosen to host the show this time too, because it is the biggest platform which fetches a lot of TRPs with 169 countries all over the world watching you live.

Is it a conscious effort on your part not to act in any fiction based TV serial?
I have been offered a lot of TV shows but I have been steadfastly turning down all the offers. If you are given the script in the morning and told to deliver it by evening every day, it becomes a job and I hate it because you tend to lose passion for the art but at the same time I have immense respect for people who can.

When was your first tryst at anchoring on TV?
At the age of just 18, I was the youngest news broadcaster for Jain TV, though I was recognized a lot when I anchored India’s first ever daily sex talk show Dangerous, in which Kamal Siddhu was my co-anchor.

Given a choice, what is your first preference- acting or anchoring?
Any day, I’d always prefer acting to anchoring, though I am quite comfortable as far as anchoring is concerned.

Is it true that besides hosting shows and acting in films, you have also acted in a short film?
I have acted in a short film called The Mole directed by Salil Fernandes. I play an actor who has a facial mole and plays the role of a detective. It is a dark comedy about an actor who cannot act without the mole on his face. It is a tribute to Humphrey Bogart.

Is it true that you have also acted in a Telugu film?
Yes. I had acted in a Telugu film called Chintakayala Ravi with Venkatesh, Trisha and NTR Jr.

What is your role in the film Begunah?
In Begunah, which is an out and out commercial thriller, I play the interesting role of an undercover agent who is also a contract killer. My co-stars in the film are Anuj Saxena who is also producing the film, Udita Goswami and Rajesh Thakkar.

Are you playing the role of a villain in Shaadi Ke Side effects?
Yes. In the film Shaadi Ke Side Effects, I play the role of a Casanova who comes to destroy the marriage of Arbaaz Khan and Tara Sharma, as a blast from her past. Indrajeet Lankesh is directing Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

Is it true that you are acting with Sherlyn Chopra in Camera?
Yes. In the film Camera directed by Amol Shetge, I play the main lead. The film was shot in London. I play the role of a guy who is caught in a crime not committed by him and his girl friend. Mona Chopra alias Sherlyn Chopra is playing the leading lady in the film.

Do you have a film which is a tribute to Bicycle Thief?
In the film Cycle Kick, I play the role of a football coach. It is actually a guest appearance. Tom Alter plays yet another coach in the same film. It is a tribute to the all time classic Bicycle Thief.

Do you like your status as an eligible bachelor in the film industry?
My days of being an eligible bachelor are over, because right now I am in a relationship with Radhika Gulwad, who is into modeling besides having her own event company and we both are planning to get married by January next year.

I am Niki Walia and not Niki Aneja

I am Niki Walia and not Niki AnejaNIKI WALIA tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that she is the queen in her sasural in London ad her mother in law is her best friend.

Were you scared to stage your comeback as an actress with Ghar Ek Sapna on Sahara One?
I was quite scared whether I’d be able to get the kind of welcome that I have received now when I decided to stage my come-back with Ghar Ek Sapna. I was nervous on the first day but after four shots were canned, I was my normal self

What is your role in the show?
I play the role of Simi, who is a mature gynecologist. She is a cut throat defense lawyer who is also a single mother of a nine year old daughter. The role of Simi that I play in Ghar Ek Sapna is completely different from the role of Simran that I had essayed in Ajai Sinha’s Astitva. What makes the character of Simi interesting is her relationship with her daughter which is that of a buddy

Did you opt for a modern avatar though Ajai was keen on projecting you in a sari?
Yes. I have come back in a modern avatar though Ajai wanted me to play my role clad in a demurer sari, like in Astitva. However his wife Sangeeta and I decided that the current modern look with western attire will be better suited for a character like Simi. I too did not want to stager my come-back in a sari because I thought that it would then remind people of Simran in Astitiva.

Do you think you could have staged your come back with a bigger banner on a better channel?
I could not have asked for a better come back as an actor. The character of Simi excited me when Ajai narrated the subject to me. Simi is very bold and kisise darthi nahin. Simi teaches her daughter to live life on her own. Coming back with Harsh Chhaya as my co-actor and Ajai Sinha as my director with whom I have my own comfort zone, was brilliant, even after the change in trends.

To what extent did you miss acting when you left India for London after your marriage to Sunny?
I missed acting when I was away but my biggest consolation is that my fan following has increased ten fold in U.K, where I get mobbed when I go to shop for my groceries in malls there. It is almost fourteen years since I had entered TV after making my debut with the film Mr Azad opposite Anil Kapoor. I took a break after reaching the top slot as an actress on television because I wanted to get married and settle down in London with my own family. My role in Astitva was like the role of Nargis in Mother India.

Why did you turn down offers from Balaji Telefilms?
I turned down a couple of offers from Balaji Tele Films, because I did not want to be part of regressive shows. Today after reaching the level of Astitva, I would not have done a saas bahu serial, especially when there is regression on TV. I have set for myself a standard on TV and I do not want to come down from that level and do any and every serial. It would be great if I can bring back independent and modern thought and recreate the aura of Simran of Astitva.

Where do you think you stand today as an actor?
Today I know where I stand. I am Niki Walia and not Niki Aneja today.I am glad that I am staging my come-back with a show like Ghar Ek Sapna at a time when several contemporaries of mine are sitting idle at home for want of work. After having given birth to twins- one son named Sean and a daughter named Sabrina, I do not aim at playing the lead roles.

In what way has marriage changed you?
I am the queen in my sasural. My mother in law and I are the best of friends. In fact I took her blessings on the phone before I gave my first shot in my second innings for Ghar Ek Sapna.

Which are your favorite shows on TV?
My favorite shows on TV are Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Na, the reality dance show Dance India Dance and Saaz Bahu Aur Saazish.

How did you keep updating yourself about shows here?
I keep myself updated with whatever is happening on the TV scene in Mumbai by presenting the show Zee & You as an anchor in U.K Today I know that the audience cannot digest bland shows because they need a lot of mirch masala unlike in the days of yore.

Sharing platform with Saroj Khan a privilege: Vaibhavi Merchant

Sharing platform with Saroj Khan a privilege: Vaibhavi MerchantNew Delhi, April 27 (IANS) The buzz in Bollywood for years was that choreographers Saroj Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant don't get along. The two are judges on a popular dance reality show now and Vaibhavi quashes all 'misconception', saying that sharing the same panel with the senior dance master is a privilege.

'It's fabulous to be sharing the judging panel with Saroj-ji. There were a lot of misconceptions that we don't get along and aren't very cordial with each other but through this show we have been able to clear all those rumours,' Vaibhavi told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

'She is the mother of choreography and being on the same platform with her makes me feel extremely privileged,' Vaibhavi added.

Vaibhavi, who has choreographed hit songs like 'Dhol Baje' and 'Kajra re', says she is enjoying every bit of judging the dance show 'Jhalak Dikhhla Ja' on Sony Entertainment television.

'I thoroughly enjoy being on the show. First of all, the people behind the show are very quick and don't stretch shooting schedules for long hours. They are very quality conscious. We have celebrities who are successful in their fields and they work so hard with their choreographers to put up that perfect dance.'

The 33-year-old has also been in the judge's seat for another reality show 'Nach Baliye 3' in the past.

So what is the most challenging part of judging such shows?

'The most challenging part when you are on the judge's seat is to vote someone out. It becomes extremely difficult to decide to eliminate a person when everyone is so good. It is quite challenging because we try to be as fair and as correct as possible,' she said.

Vaibhavi's stint in Bollywood started with the song 'Dhol baaje' picturised on Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan in hit film 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' for which she won a National Award.

She then went on to create a niche for herself in the industry by choreographing numbers in prominent films like 'Lagaan', 'Devdas', 'Baghban', 'Dhoom', 'Veer Zaara' and 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' among others.

The turning point in her career, however, was the hugely popular number 'Kajra re' from 'Bunty Aur Babli' (2005) that fetched her several awards.

Among her forthcoming projects are a Yash Raj project with Rani Mukerji and Shahid Kapur, Akshay Kumar's 'Kambhakkt Ishq' and a song in Aamir Khan-starrer 'Three Idiots'.

'I'm quite excited about the song I am doing in 'Three Idiots'. It's too early to divulge any details, but I will try and do something different with that song. It is an amazing number,' said Vaibhavi.

But the dance expert admitted that there is a limit to which one can experiment in Bollywood.

'You can try out different dance forms or experiment with new ones on stage but as far as films are concerned you get restricted. You are bound by the script there. So you have to work according to that,' said Vaibhavi.

Bollywood actor Feroz Khan dies

Bollywood actor Feroz Khan dies
Bangalore, April 27 (IANS) Bollywood actor and director Feroz Khan died here late Sunday at the age of 70, media reports said.

The actor had been diagnosed with cancer about a year ago.

He is survived by his son Fardeen and daughter Laila.

Khan acted in Hindi films such as 'Qurbani' and 'Jaanbaaz'.

Feroz Khan was born and brought up in Bangalore.

He made his debut as second lead in 'Didi' (1960).

He produced, directed and starred in 'Dharmatma', which was the first Indian film to be shot in Afghanistan and was also his first blockbuster hit as producer, director and actor.

Salman will be singing now

Salman will be singing nowSalman Khan who was last held the mike for singing for Hello Brother for the song Chandi Ki Daal will again be heard singing for his upcoming flick Wanted.

Incidently Salman’s Chandi ki Daal was also directed by musical duo Sajid-Wajid and he is again singing for the duo.

Sajid says, “And as far as this song is concerned, all that I can say is that it’s a resultant of the long-time pending urge that he was nurturing to sing. Over a period of time, after regular jamming, we (Wajid and me) realised that Salman has become very melodious and versatile in his verses and voice.”

“And believe me; you will be shocked when you hear this song and most importantly, when you hear Salman bhai touching high notes like a true professional. Overall, it’s a song to watch out for with bated breath.”

Salman apparently gave his personal touch the song, by personally picking it amongst 101 tunes.

April 25, 2009

Arshad Warsi’s working birthday

Arshad Warsi’s working birthdayArshad Warsi has not celebrated his birthday in India for the past two years. Last Year, he was on a boat in Mauritius,shooting a song for ‘SHORTCUT’. So this year he just wanted to be at home, relax and bring in his birthday with his family and few close friends. But it was not that laid back,as he was toiling in the kitchen cooking for his friends because his friends love his food and he is quiet a chef in the kitchen. So it was a working birthday again, but he’s not complaining.

Arshad,has a lot of expectations this year from his forthcoming movies ISHQUIYA,SHORTCUT and also, includes one of his home production film ‘Koun Bola’. His debut film as a producer, Kaun Bola, Arshad Warsi plays the leading man in the film, is super excited about his co-star in the film Dia Mirza

Akshay does it only for Delhi

Akshay does it only for Delhi“First it was Preity’s darshan now I go for Priyadarshan,” joked Akshay Kumar from South Africa where after suddenly attending an IPL match he was off to Singapore to shoot with Priyadarshan.

If after vowing not to be any part of the IPL in South Africa Akshay Kumar was seen at the IPL match in Cape Town last Sunday it was because of Delhi.

Apparently Akshay had made it clear that he wouldn’t be any part of the games although pals Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty were involved.

But Delhi did the trick for Akshay.
“I had no intentions of going.. But the Delhi Daredevils did it. Although this year I’m no longer professionally or financially associated with the team I had to go for their sake to the IPL match on Sunday. There I met up with my buddy Preity Zinta and naturally the cameras went berserk.So what if her team was playing against the Delhi Daredevils? Off the field we’re still the best of friends. But that’s it. I won’t be attending any of the other matches.”

Akshay is now in Singapore to resume the shooting of Priyadarshan’s Dan Dana Dan “Somehow I’ve always had one Darshan or the other in my life,” he quips about the contribution of Suneel & Dharmesh Darshan and Priyadarshan to his career. “I keep telling Vipul to change his name to Vipul Darshan.”

So it back to comedy for AK?
“If I do something different like Tasveer, people have a problem. If I do comedy people have a problem.What should I do?”

Salman Khan’s Prem connection

Salman Khan’s Prem connectionHum Saath Saath Hain Sooraj Barjatya had lovingly called Salman’s character as Prem in all his films. Salman considers the name Prem to be lucky for him because it was after the stupendous success of Maine Pyar Kiya that Salman did not have to look back even once. Sallu now want’s some of the Prem luck to rub off on his chhotabhai Arbaaz. A unit source of Prem ka Game where Arbaaz plays the lead said, “Earlier Arbaaz’s character was called by a different name. But Salman suggested that he should call his character Prem. Not only this Salman had even advised Arbaaz to change the movie name from Shaadi ke Effects to Prem ka Game.

Producer Ashok Kheny says “I always felt that Arbaaz also had that romantic comedy potential which brother Slaman had always excelled in so we decided to offer him the title role of Prem ka Game and since Salman plays the narrator giving warning signals throughout the narrative to the straying husband played by Arbaaz perhaps it inspired him further to come out with a winning performance in this Prem ka game” perhaps Kheny is right Who better to give tips on Prem than Indias most eligible bachelor since two decades.

Is Aamir Khan hunting for an item girl?

Is Aamir Khan hunting for an item girl?
Rumours are rife in the industry circles that Aamir Khan wants to have an item song in his home production Delhi Belly and is on the look out for an A list actress to perform it.

From what we have heard from industry sources, Aamir, the master planner wants to give his medium budget production, Delhi Belly starring nephew Imran Khan the big push by roping in a big starlet for an item song. The song is not a gimmick but a part of the film. Sources further reveal, “Apparently, Aamir first tried it out with his 3 Idiot’s co-star Kareena but since she is busy with shooting commitments she could not allot her dates. Roping of current flavour of the season Priyanka Chopra also crossed his mind but it seems it may be too much of an ego issue for him, since his request for a screen test for her during the casting of Ghajini had not gone down to well for her. Now it remains to be seen who shall be finally be the one who shall be chosen by Mr. Perfectionist.”

Knowing his penchant for perfectionism perhaps a reality dance show hunt ala Shah Rukh Khan (he chose cheerleaders for his IPL team) might work? But then A list actress would certainly not participate in it.

Celina Jaitley comes under fire for supporting Gays

Celina Jaitley comes under fire for supporting GaysCelina Jaitley who recently relaunched the gay magazine ‘Bombay Dost’ has been at the receiving end of the ire of Homophobes.

Ever since the re-launch of the defunct magazine a few days back, Celina has been inundated by mails on her official website. The support showed by Celina has triggered extreme reactions from people. Though there has been tremendous support from people all over the world, what has astounded the actress is that majority of these irate mails have come from women These mails have gone on to call her names, use derogatory and abusive language and denounce her.

Celina elaborates saying, “Numerous intolerant and homophobic people have sent me abusive messages regarding my gay rights activism and launch of Bombay Dost on various websites including my own. It does not deter me from my cause but it saddens me that people have so much hatred not only towards sexual minorities but towards people who show them support. It is so unfortunate that people have not stopped their hatred against the gay community but have only learnt to mask it. My struggle has only just begun and I thank all those who stand by me in this human rights and human dignity issue.”

The actress who starred in the blockbuster ‘Golmaal Returns’, has always campaigned for the rights of gays and has actively supported them in every endeavor earning the epithet of the ‘Most Queer-friendly public icon’. Celina has extended her active support be it walking the streets hand in hand with the gays, protesting against the criminalization of homosexuality or setting up groups on her official website and social networking sites for people from all walks of life to lend their support and love.

This extreme reaction that her support for gays rights has elicited a stronger determination in this fiery lady to bring together all the supporters.

Taking all the flak in her stride she says unfazed, “Despite all the hate mail from all homophobic groups, I will not cease to continue what i started. I’ve learnt one thing in life - people even more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone…”

For this, she solicits every supporter to join the communities promoting gay rights on her official website and on the social networking site Facebook so that every individual can exercise his / her right to their sexuality without fear of being marginalized.

Celina puts in a last word, “There are critics for everything a celebrity does so does that mean I must stop living and listening to my heart? I’m happy to do this for all my gay friends.”

She ends with an appeal to all like-minded people

Hall of 'frame' for Sanjay, Akshay and Zayed!

Hall of 'frame' for Sanjay, Akshay and Zayed!
Bollywood Trade News Network
Our Bollywood stars once again share space with Hollywood actors. Well no, this time we aren't talking of screen space as yet.

The team of Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd's forthcoming action thriller BLUE, Directed by Anthony D'souza, shot for their underwater sequence which included dangerous stunts with the sharks in the diving center of Stuartcove at Bahamas. And apparently post their shoots, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar and Zayed Khan who star in the movie have been included among the their own hall of frame board.

The particular place also happens to be one of the biggest and most famous underwater shark dive in the world. The actors' photos have been put up among the prestigious guests who had come down to the place.

And interestingly the trio also happen to be the first Indians to be included in it along with top Hollywood actors like Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Tiger Woods, Johnny Depp as the movie PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN had been shot there too.

Salman passes his 'Prem' to Arbaaz!

Salman passes his 'Prem' to Arbaaz!Remember Salman Khan's Prem connection? Right from MAINE PYAR KIYA to HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN Sooraj Barjatya had lovingly called Salman's character as Prem in all his films. Salman considers the name Prem to be lucky for him because it was after the stupendous success of MAINE PYAR KIYA that Salman did not have to look back even once.

Sallu now wants some of the Prem luck to rub off on his chhotabhai Arbaaz.

A unit source of upcoming film PREM KA GAME where Arbaaz plays the lead said, ''Earlier Arbaaz's character was called by a different name. But Salman suggested that he should call his character Prem. Not only this, Salman had even advised Arbaaz to change the movie name from SHAADI KE EFFECTS to PREM KA GAME.

Producer Ashok Kheni says ''I always felt that Arbaaz also had that romantic comedy potential which brother Salman had always excelled in so we decided to offer him the title role of PREM KA GAME and since Salman plays the narrator giving warning signals throughout the narrative to the straying husband played by Arbaaz perhaps it inspired him further to come out with a winning performance in this PREM KA GAME''

Perhaps Kheni is right who better to give tips on 'Prem' than India's most eligible bachelor since two decades!

Vidya's crazy about her cutting chai!

Vidya's crazy about her cutting chai!
Vidya Balan is on a high and she has all the reasons for being high.

Vidya is currently shooting for PA, and guess what she is shooting with her favourite two co stars. Vidya is feeling honoured sharing screen space with Amitabh and Abhishek together, she also can't stop thanking Balki, who thought she would be perfect to star in the movie.

A friend of Vidya's said, "Vidya is having a great time shooting with Balki and the Bachchans. She is overwhelmed and is thanking Balki who thought she would be perfect for the role. Vidya has really been working hard and now she has proved that she is the superstar to be looked upto."

The whole cast crew is having a ball of a time shooting for the movie. There is great atmosphere around and Vidya is having her best time of her life.

Shoe thrown at Jeetendra

Shoe thrown at Jeetendra After former US President George W. Bush, many politicians became victimized of public slipper. The latest to become wronged with shoe shower is the well-behaved and gentle actor Jeetendra. While addressing a public rally, organized by the Congress candidate Manikrao Gavit in the town of Nandurbar an unidentified person from the crowd threw slipper at him. The incident took place on Tuesday.

As the gathering was around 3,000, the culprit who actually threw slipper at him was somewhat difficult to be tagged but however party activists immediately took hold of the offender. He has been identified as Dilip Ingle and what made him to show his aggravation in this way is not yet known.

As Jeetendra was not expecting such type of ill treatment to be meted out to him, he was obviously very unhappy.

April 23, 2009

Angelina Jolie defeats Freida Pinto

Angelina Jolie defeats Freida Pinto
The 24-year-old Indian beauty, Freida Pinto, surprised veryone when she made to the list of 19 most beautiful women contestants from all over the globe in a poll made by magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ defeating Hollywood superstars like Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman and our desi beauty Aishwarya Rai.

However, the crown of the most beautiful woman went to 33 year old Angelina Jolie who defeated all her rivals with a whopping 58 percent votes. The competition wasn’t even close, as supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who ranked second, got just 9 per cent of the total votes. Oscar-winning star Halle Berry ranked third with 4 per cent.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actress Pinto, who was the only Indian to feature in the list, garnered 2 per cent of the total votes along with actress Cate Blanchette and popstar Beyonce. Pinto, however, was ahead of France’s first lady Carla Bruni, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson, Kerry Washington and Kate Moss, who got only 1 per cent of the total votes.

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan: Friend turned foes

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan: Friend turned foes
Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt have been friends for ages with movies together like ‘Saajan’, ‘Chal Mere Bhai’ in the 90s.

But the once thick pals aren’t even on talking terms now. In fact the rumour is that Salman refused to be a part of Sanjay’s home production film which rubbed him the wrong way. Since then they probably snapped ties and are not even on talking terms.

Sallu is a good friend and a bad enemy. His track record shows that. Sanju should keep that in mind too

Salman currently is busy campaigning for all his friends but is not supporting Sanjay. Interestingly during all his campaigns Salman has made clear that he’s supporting his friends.

He also campaigned for Sanjay’s sister Priya Dutt and proved that he’s nothing left for Sanju.

Dharam Oberoi Business Manager of Sanjay sang a different tune and said: “No, Sanju hasn’t and he will never do that as he himself is a big star and he doesn’t need any actor to campaign for him.”

From what we can gather, as of now, the status is that the yaari has gone kaput. Watch this space for more, though. -Sampurn Media

Mughda not allowed to see nude Neil

Mughda not allowed to see nude Neil
Neil Nitin Mukesh strips his pant and goes complete naked in his forthcoming film Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Jail’. As the scene is very controversial and bizarre, it has been shot in the presence of few people and shy Neil did not want Mughda to see him going complete naked and so the director has made Mugdha Godse to seat in her vanity van for three long hours.

According to a source, “Neil Mukesh has done a scene in the film where he goes naked as the police inspect him once he enters the jail. The actor requested Madhur to give him privacy for the scene and thus Mugdha was sort of locked in her vanity van for about three hours, till the scene was finalized.

Initially the actress was little hesitant but later co-operated and didn’t mind being locked for three hours. She watched IPL in her ‘forced’ break, while Neil smoothly shot the scene with just four people present around him.”

Madhur is a realistic director. He goes every extent to bring realism on-screen and made his actors to perform any daring scene with ease. Neil too is very excited to work with directors like Madhur Bhandarkar at the budding stage of his career and performing such challenging role.

April 13, 2009

Celebrity Beach Bodies

Here are tons of great look celebrity beach bodies including President Obama’s to get you motivated to get in shape before the summer. We have Victoria’s Secret Angels: Alessandra Ambrosio, Bar Refaeli, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes; Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, Kelly Brook and boyfriend, Danny Cipriani, Prince Harry, Hugh Jackman, Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan, Matthew McConaughey, AnnaLynne McCord, Marisa Miller…
and President Obama, Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Seacrest and Britney Spears thanks to BauerGriffin.

Just to remind you that summer is right around the corner and heck, I went jogging yesterday and with a bit of determination, I will do that again today! Help me Lord.

Let’s work off the winter fat and get into shape, people!

Susan Boyle: Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle: Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle may very well be the winner of Britian’s Got Talent. Boyle, 48 lives alone with her ten-year-old cat. Boyle said she has never been kissed, and she’s teased by children in the street. But Susan Boyle could just be the UK’s next singing sensation.
If you missed it, you have got to see this. Boyle, a devouted Catholic wowed the judges of the British hit TV show, Britain’s Got Talent. Look at the faces of the judges especially Simom Cowell’s. I think Boyle just blew their minds with her amazing opera voice.

April 9, 2009

The truth of Hrithik and Sussanne's split

The truth of Hrithik and Sussanne's splitBollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has rubbished reports of his having split with wife Suzanne saying that he is having "a picnic" with her and their kids.

A leading Mumbai tabloid reported that Hrithik and Suzanne have parted ways when she had moved to her parents' house.

"It is too funny! Yes, Suzanne shifted to her parents' place with the kids two days ago and I was to join her on my return as there is a white ant treatment going on in my house and a section of my floor is being renovated.

I'm with Suzanne right now having a picnic with my wife, kids and in-laws, " Hrithik said in a press release.

Hrithik's statement was released Tuesday after the tabloid carried a major news item with the headline "Hrithik-Susanne split?". The article suggested that the couple is heading for splitsville.

The article said that trouble began to brew in their paradise after Hrithik started becoming cosy with his "Kites" co-star, Mexican actress Barbara Mori. But none of this is true.

A reliable source from the sets of Kites also says Hrithik and Susanne Roshan are very much together and the rumors of a split cannot and should not be believed.

We spoke to our source from Kites sets, “There is no split between them. Both Hrithik and Susanne are very happy together.

Susanne use to come on the sets and Barbara and Susanne got along very well too. They both talked all the time.

Hrithik and Barbara are very good friends but that doesn’t mean that they are close with each other and are having an affair. Hrithik loves his family very much and he is not that kind of person who will let his family down.”

Our source further adds, “Hrithik and Susanne are very hospitable people and they made sure Barbara felt comfortable during her first trip to India.

Want to marry Rakhi Sawant? Just SMS to 56388: Rakhi Sawant

Want to marry Rakhi Sawant? Just SMS to 56388: Rakhi SawantShe is known for her shock value and Rakhi Sawant is now planning her 'swayamvara' - picking a groom and tying the nuptial knot with the chosen one - on a reality TV show.

Rakhi will choose from among 15 grooms on NDTV Imagine's new show "Rakhi Ka Swayamvara" and and will take the help of viewers to decide on her perfect man. The timing of the show hasn't been announced yet.

The first of its kind show will trace Rakhi's journey from selecting a groom to the marriage ceremony.

Commenting on her decision to marry this way, Rakhi said: "I want to solemnize my marriage in the presence of all my fans who have been supportive of me throughout and what better way than getting married on national television?"

"I am looking for a companion who is warm, affectionate, someone who can dance a little bit, who respects women for who they are, and above all who is punctual. Even Sita had her Swayamvara so why not me?"

Rakhi says this is the right time for her to settle down.

"Every young woman dreams of a perfect marriage. There is a right time in your life to get married to become a wife and a mother. I'm a cultured Indian woman with good values and I have reached a stage where I need a companion with whom I can share my love, joys, sorrows and success. For me that time is now, " she said.

Rakhi has mostly hit headlines for her outspoken ways. Though she has played bit roles in films like "Main Hoon Na" and done item songs in films like "Krazzy 4" and "1920", she is best remembered for the controversy involving Punjabi singer Mika when she accused him of kissing her forcibly after she had pecked on his cheeks on his birthday.

She was also seen on reality show "Bigg Boss" where, again, she was in the spotlight for all the wrong things. On the same show, she had declared she was dating dancer-actor Abhishek Awasthi. But they split towards the end of 2008.

Over the duration of the show, the prospective grooms will be brought together under one roof and put through a series of challenges that will test their personality, character, physical fitness, talent and also their compatibility with Rakhi.

All through the series, viewers can help Rakhi decide, by voting for or against the prospective grooms and the final week will present the wedding celebrations.

The show is being produced by SOL Productions Private Limited.

"We are very proud of Rakhi for taking such a bold decision and we hope that she will find happiness at the end of the show, " said Fazila Allana of SOL Productions Pvt. Ltd.

An April Fool’s story a bit too late

A reliable source from the sets of Kites says Hrithik and Susanne Roshan are very much together and the rumours of a split cannot and should not be believed.

An April Fool’s story a bit too late ,Hrithik and Susanne Roshan
The source says “There is no split between them. Both Hrithik and Susanne are very happy together. Susanne used to come on the sets and Barbara and Susanne got along very well too. They both talked all the time. Hrithik and Barbara are very good friends but that doesn’t mean that they were intimate with each other and had an affair. Let me tell you Hrithik loves his family very much and he is not that kind of person who will betray his family.”

He further adds, “Hrithik and Susanne are very hospitable people and they made sure Barbara felt comfortable during her first trip to India. Her English has a heavy Spanish accent and she obviously doesn’t know Hindi, so Hrithik also helped her communicate with other people. He was her translator.”
An April Fool’s story a bit too late ,Hrithik and Susanne Roshan
Moreover he says, “Hrithik’s sister Sunaina is the co-producer of the film. She and Rakesh Roshan were always present on the sets. Susanne used to visit us all the time and she knew that Hrithik and Barbara were good friends. She even came for our on-set parties and we all had a ball together. I don’t understand why someone from Bollywood can’t be friends with the opposite sex. If two people meet somewhere off the sets, people assume they are having an affair. That is ridiculous. Even actors have families and their families will get upset when they read such malicious and baseless news.”

An April Fool’s story a bit too late ,Hrithik and Susanne Roshan
Another source adds, “Hrithik is absolutely devoted to his wife and family. He and Susanne had gone for a holiday to London and returned a couple of weeks ago, so how can they split up suddenly? This is not true. Also, Hrithik was shooting an action packed ad in South Africa and he didn’t rush back to India, he returned when the shoot for the ad was completed.”

Kangna lets Priyanka dance to Fashion

Kangna lets Priyanka dance to Fashion When Kangna Ranaut heard Priyanka would also be dancing at the Femina Miss India show, she asked the actress what her songs would be. When Priyanka said she would be dancing to Fashion’s numbers, Kangna decided to pay a tribute to Aishwarya and Madhuri Dixit.

"When I got to know that Priyanka is performing I asked her about her songs. When she said she was doing the Fashion songs, I happily decided to do the tribute to Aishwarya and Madhuri," Kangna told IANS.

"I think girl bonding is very cool. I can't say Priyanka and I are best friends. But I think two actresses fighting is very unfashionable. After Fashion there's a comfort level. And if we can share a platform without getting in one another's way then isn't that just great," Kangna said.

But did Kangs even realise how difficult a tribute to Ash and Mads could be? Unfortunately, her performance was totally washed out!

Priyanka: Which girl doesn’t want to be called the sexiest

Priyanka: Which girl doesn’t want to be called the sexiest
Priyanka says she loves being the centre of the male gaze.

“I love the attention I get. Which girl doesn’t? To be considered hot is …cool! To be called the sexiest, the most desirable, etc in magazine and website polls is very flattering. I take it in my stride.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I’m glad a lot of men behold me. There’s no special man to make me feel special. Between my family and career there’s no room for for anyone else.”

Priyanka Chopra is busy playing a dozen desirable divas in the same frame. She has 12 roles to play Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Raashee.

But it was Hurman Baweja who slogged his butt off in the 3-day schedule of the film in Chicago.

Priyanka spent her time with her cousins in Chicago.

Sighs Priyanka, “It was more masti than work. We chose this time to shoot in Chicago because the script needed snow. And we got it in plenty.

I loooooove the snow. And since I’ve a lot of in family in America I called them over to Chicago. It was more fun than work really.”

Priyanka loves shooting in the US. “I love going to America. I’ve so much family there. Earlier during Dostana in Philadelphia I had a ball.

Now in Chicago 1-15 people including my Naani, my aunts and my cousins would be on the sets to visit me. And luckily there was very little work for me. It was Hurman’s character which is from Chicago.”

Priyanka was glad to have this chance to unwind. “I let Hurman do all the slogging. Raashee is a very taxing film for me.

This kind of role has never been done. For the first time in my career I plan to take a two-week holiday after Raashee.”

Ageing Aishwarya Rai

Ageing Aishwarya RaiThe worst nightmare of a beautiful lady is to wake up one fine day and find herself old and haggard. Same goes for gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who is becoming insecure with age and time. Few years back, the lady ruled supremely and was admired for her flawless beauty. But now she needs her powder and rouge to look beautiful. Recently, the lady had a face-off with director Mani Ratnam over her make-up.

According to sources, director Mani Ratnam asked Aishwarya to put no make-up for her look in the second half of the film ‘Raavan’. But Mrs Jr Bachchan refused to do so. The no make-up look was in accordance to the demand of the story, wherein, Abhishek’s character abducts her and Ash`s character undergoes a major transformation.

A source told to a news daily, "Mani wants to showcase her character without make-up in the second half. He believes that since she`s separated from her husband, the raw look is important to express the loss and pain she`s going through."

But what the Bachchan bahu would do is to sneak-out and return with basic make-up. "There were times when Ash would sneak and put basic make-up and only then, do the shot. Mani would spot the slightest sliver of make-up and would ask her to go back and remove it," said the source.

The source further said that neither Aishwarya nor Mani Ratnam would back out on this issue. Aishwarya believed that basic make-up will not make much of a difference but Mani Ratnam did not agree.

Evidently, Aishwarya does not want to appear onscreen without make-up as more than her acting skills, her age would show.

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