Kangana to play Mandakini in ‘OUATIM Sequel’!

Earlier this month, Kareena Kapoor opted out from the film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 which is to be produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by the talented Milan Luthria. Now reports have it that it’s Kangana Ranaut who would replace her and play Mandakini in the film.

After Kareena walked off from the project earlier this month, it was tough for Ekta and director Milan Luthria to find a suitable replacement for her in the sequel. Now, the tinsel town is abuzz with rumours that Ekta Kapoor has finally found her heroine for the sequel of her superhit film, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai (OUATIM). Kangana Ranaut is said to be playing Dawood Ibrahim’s (Akshay Kumar) alleged love interest in the sequel.

Why Kangana Ranaut? According to sources, a couple of names were considered, but somewhere the makers felt that a performing actress was more needed than a starry name. Initially they weren’t considering Kangana as she has already played an actress, Rehana in the first OUATIM. But when it comes to acting who else could do justice to the role of Mandakini than Kangana.

Besides, Akshay-Kangana is also a novel combination, as the two haven’t been featured together yet. And a new pairing also helps to built up curiosity for a film which in a way is good for the marketing and promotion, adds the source.

Since nothing is on the papers yet, Kangana Ranaut’s name is still not confirmed to the media.
Kangana to play Mandakini in ‘OUATIM Sequel’! Kangana to play Mandakini in ‘OUATIM Sequel’! Reviewed by Zoe on 12:24 PM Rating: 5

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